ARMOR announces inkanto branded thermal transfer ribbons

ARMOR Africa announced a new range of branded thermal transfer ribbons – called inkanto, which will be available in South Africa at the beginning of 2018.This is the first time since its establishment that the global ARMOR group has introduced a branded range of thermal transfer ribbons. According to ARMOR Africa’s Managing Director, Andrew Fosbrook, the rationale is to provide added benefits to their channel partners so they, in turn, can add value to what they are offering their own customers.

The new branding initiative will also create a new dynamic in the Thermal Transfer Ribbons market, and differentiate ARMOR ribbons with a creative new name, a dynamic image and a range of value-added services.
Fosbrook added that the new brand still relies on the business fundamentals on which the ARMOR success has been founded: professional ethics, unchanged sales strategy, and identical operational approach.
inkanto is not just a new visual identity of ARMOR unbranded ribbons, it also comes with a range of value-added offerings, based on four cornerstones, which include quality, security, simplicity, and longevity.

‘To ensure the highest levels of quality assurance, each inkanto ribbon comes with an online Certificate of Conformity and a Technical Contact form, providing all the necessary product information in the value chain – from ARMOR partners to end-users,’ he said. To reinforce security, trust, and confidence in inkanto ribbons, each one comes with a Lifetime Warranty, which underpins ARMOR’s commitment to its unique quality processes.

‘Simplicity has also been the hallmark of the design of the new brand – inkanto ribbons will be easy to identify through a dedicated leader per product family, branded box and cardboard core and a very readable label,’ said Fosbrook. ‘Packaging rules are rational and simple, with smaller quantities per box offering greater flexibility. This will include several datasheets with messages tailored to all possible levels of technical expectations.’To maximise longevity of the print-head, ARMOR has included a cleaning-wipe in each box of inkanto ribbons.

In addition, ARMOR has completely redesigned their partner extranet 2go2- the new inkanto version now offers an enhanced user-friendly interface, based on full interactivity. Partners can input all their demands via this tool, which integrates to the group’s CRM system. The site has comprehensive information on products and includes proactive, flexible and interactive business reporting.

To summarise, Fosbrook said that the new brand aims at underpinning ARMOR’s leading position in the Thermal Transfer Ribbon market, as well as increasing its support to distributors and end-users while making thermal transfer technology easier to use.

The inkanto offering will be rolled out globally starting from January 2018. Fosbrook says that with the implementation of inkanto in South Africa, ARMOR Africa will introduce a make-to-stock programme for its resellers, ensuring fast turnaround times and ready availability for high volume ribbon configurations.

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