IIJ targets wallpaper manufacturers at Heimtextil

Experts from Industrial Inkjet Ltd met wit major wallpaper manufacturers at Heimtextil to update them on IIJ’s development of a full speed industrial wallpaper-production capability using digital technology.

After more than two years of painstaking research and testing with partner Konica Minolta on a solution that can compete with conventional printing methods on both productivity and cost-per roll, IIJ showed the results at the show at Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The IIJ team showed sample rolls, printed on its demonstration digital system, to demonstrate how the landscape is dramatically changing in wallpaper production where ink performance and cost, print width and speed are all now within reach.
The system prints a wide range of typical wallpaper media, including paper, PVC and non-woven (coated and un-coated), at high speed. The system in not restrained on image length and can print mural-wall images back-to-back without a gap.

‘We had a series of meetings with key wallpaper manufacturers who are the ones demanding new solutions for digital printing wallpaper at full production speeds,’ said John Corrall, Managing Director of IIJ, the world leader for bespoke systems for industrial inkjet printing. ‘We see this market as at a tipping point now. With the right solution digital has the potential to dramatically change the production of wallpaper. Not just the low-volume mural applications, but also high-volume mass production. We believe our solution will prove economic even for mass production – which will mean a major change for wallpaper designers who will suddenly find themselves free to radically change how we decorate our homes.