Ricoh secures Ghent Workgroup 2015 PDF pre-flight certification

Ricoh has achieved Ghent Workgroup (GWG) PDF pre-flight certification that assures the highest level of pre-flight capability for reliable PDF processing. GWG is an international organisation of graphic arts users, associations and developers building best practices for publishing and packaging workflows and represents industry, vendors, associations, and educational members. Its ISO-based pre-flight verification has 14 variants for different market segments and output methods. Print service providers (PSPs) can configure PDF pre-flighting as an integrated and automated workflow step, via Enfocus Pitstop Library, with Ricoh’s TotalFlow Production Manager and TotalFlow BatchBuilder, to add a vital component to these workflow solutions that balance workloads, manage and track jobs, and even group incoming jobs together based on user defined criteria. They can also ensure their files comply with the latest GWG pre-flight standards, which is an important measure that helps maintain content accuracy, quality and consistency. ‘Ghent is the standard for automated solutions that help the service providers produce high quality output that most accurately produces the original design,’ said Vaughan Patterson, product marketing operations manager for Production Print at Ricoh SA. Andrew Bailes-Collins, Co-chair of the GWG specifications committee and senior product manager for the PitStop product family at Enfocus, said, ‘GWG compliancy is a real benefit for Ricoh’s clients. It takes a lot of the guesswork and manual effort out of system configuration. It assures customers that out of the box they conform to a known and proven standard.’