Nordson Adhesive Tracking System saving you money

Nordson is setting a new benchmark in Hotmelt Application Equipment with the introduction of the Nordson Adhesive Tracking System (ATS). The Nordson ATS will dramatically reduce costs by eliminating customer returns and in-house waste related to adhesive application quality. With ATS you can measure and validate the adhesive applied on each product, optimise the amount of adhesive on each product and monitor and control adhesive usage in your plant. Adhesive application is a vital aspect of the production cycle in the packaging market. Applying insufficient or excessive adhesive directly affects the quality of the bond as well as adhesive waste. One results in a dissatisfied customer, the other results in a lack of profitability. Accurate measurement of the volume of adhesive applied ensures the optimal balance. Achieving optimum set-up of the device depends on a number of factors. The ATS assists by measuring adhesive dispensing. The flow meter can measure beads of adhesive of almost any size. Correct set-up of the ATS depends on the number of products which are averaged, alarm settings and alarm delay count. In order to achieve the best results, enough product needs to be averaged to give a good measurement resolution. The alarm-limit settings are application dependent given that many factors can impact flow stability. The key is to set limits so that they are as tight as possible, but not so tight as to trigger false alarms. Factors which can have an impact on flow stability include: adhesive viscosity; number and length of hoses; delivery rate of the product; air supply capacity, air pressure and hydraulic pressure. The ATS system gives customers the ability to directly measure per-product adhesive usage, monitor the system in real time and download historical usage data for analysis. Here a USB interface and an Ethernet connection or – optionally – a fieldbus connection for real time monitoring via PC or PLC are available. An integrated precision gear flow meter directly measures adhesive volume and alerts the system when the amount of adhesive is out of a pre-determined band set by the user. An output signal can also be customised to stop the line, eject product or signal a light tower when a product does not meet the predetermined standards. By tracking the precise amount of adhesive dispensed onto the product, users can minimise adhesive waste, preventing pop-opens and saving money. Changes in adhesive volume can be related to clogged filters or nozzles, or failed solenoids or modules. Quick alerts to these issues can help maintenance make repairs before a situation escalates. The adhesive tracking system gives users more control over the dispensing process, improving product quality and operating efficiency. All these features are available in addition to the standard features of a ProBlue melter or a ProBlue Liberty tankless dispensing system. There is no need to purchase new Melters if you are a current Nordson ProBlue and ProBlue Liberty user, simply speak to your local Nordson support team about ATS retrofit options for your current Nordson equipment. Nordson offers two solutions for users of existing systems. The first is a retrofit kit which contains a manifold with integrated flow meter. These kits contain everything required to upgrade a ProBlue or ProBlue Liberty meter into an ATS version which is identical to the latest models. The kit also includes a control box, mounting bracket, inductive pick-ups and product detector. After installation, this kit saves space and does not require the use of an additional hose and applicator channel. The second option is to purchase an aftermarket kit with an external flow meter. This kit is easier to install and offers a more economical solution than the full integrated retrofit kit since a new manifold assembly is not required. The flow meter can be directly mounted to the existing manifold or remotely with an additional heated Blue Series hose. The drawback of this system is that it requires more space. Both options provide a convenient upgrade option for clients who need the benefits of flow metering. Start saving money now! Contact your local Nordson support team for a free no-obligation assessment of your plant.