SCREEN Develops High-performance CtP Systems

SCREEN Graphic Solutions has finalised development of its new PlateRite Ultima 16000N series of thermal plate recorders for plate sizes including up to 16 A4 pages. The highly anticipated line-up of multi-format CtP systems offers industry-leading productivity, operability and energy efficiency. The series was released in both Japan and the international market in September. As consumer preferences have continued to diversify in recent years, the printing industry has sought to introduce increasingly advanced large size presses that can provide greater efficiency in handling small lot, short turnaround work. This trend has also expanded worldwide shipments of larger models within SCREEN GA’s PlateRite series of thermal CtP systems. Sales of these systems have helped the series claim the number one position in the global market. Seeking to more closely target industry needs, SCREEN GA has now developed its PlateRite Ultima 16000N series of thermal plate recorders. These ground-breaking systems are capable of handling plates with up to 16 A4 pages while delivering greatly improved productivity, operability and energy efficiency. Three models, the Z, S and E, are available to meet specific requirements. All systems are equipped with the latest GLVTM imaging heads, creating major improvements in the optical system. The heads produce significantly more uniform light distribution while a high-precision auto-focus mechanism allows the output of SCREEN’s proprietary Spekta 2 hybrid screening and Randot X 20 (20 µm) FM screening. The Z model features a 1024 channel head that allows the production of an impressive 42 plates2 per hour. A single system is able to handle plates including from four to 16 A4 pages. The S and E models are fitted with 512 channel heads, with respective throughputs of up to 29 and 17 plates per hour. All systems support plate sizes of up to 1470 x 1180mm. Installation of the series’ small size option also enables each one to process plates right down to 450 x 370mm. In addition, each of the models supports SCREEN GA’s MA-L16000N II multi-cassette autoloader system, allowing a total of up to 450 plates to be supplied automatically. The MA-L16000N II dramatically extends the length of continuous operation, helping to boost press operating ratios and productivity while improving ease of use. Energy use during operation is now reduced by up to 55 per cent, thanks to features such as a power-saving mode that cuts consumption during idling. Energy use during standby is reduced by up to 83 per cent. SCREEN GA is also in the process of finalizing arrangements that will make it possible for users to monitor all three models remotely via the company’s TRUST Network Service. This cutting-edge online maintenance support package will ensure the CtP systems remain in optimal condition at all times (planned service). Following the release of its new PlateRite Ultima 16000N series, SCREEN GA intends to continue fulfilling its responsibilities as a leading company in the global CtP market. This includes providing its customers with products that deliver high added value and support services that ensure reliable operation. Success with these goals will also help it to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of the overall printing industry.