Verdigris welcomes Shimizu Printing Inc. as latest supporter of environmental in

Verdigris, the environmental initiative from independent graphic arts research group Digital Dots, is pleased to welcome Shimizu Printing Inc., Japan, as its latest Associate Member. Verdigris is a non-profit research initiative designed to help printers and their customers understand more about the environmental impact of print media. The goal is to raise awareness of print’s positive effect, through co-operative content development shared with an international network of publishers. Headquartered in Tokyo with its printing plant based in Gunma prefecture, Shimizu Printing specializes in environmentally-sustainable packaging printing solutions using an advanced high-resolution UV waterless printing process. Founded in 1935, the company has developed its own green printing programme, ‘PGG Cloud’, which helps both identify and reduce the environmental impact of a particular print project by taking into account the complete print production lifecycle and the precise calculation of materials used. ‘The drive to produce high-quality printing with as low an environmental impact as possible is at the core of every part of our company’s activities,’ said Dr. Hirokazu Shimizu, President, Shimizu Printing. ‘We are committed to reducing our direct and indirect impact through the management of every element of our business, including energy, water, materials, carbon emissions and waste.’ Laurel Brunner, MD of Digital Dots, said, ‘The Verdigris aim is to increase industry perception and knowledge of the environmental impact of media production. Key to this goal is establishing close dialogue and co-operation with markets and partners worldwide. Shimizu Printing’s considerable work in environmentally-aware print processes makes them an important partner in our work, and we are delighted to welcome them as an Associate Member.’