Bytes Document Solutions supports dog shelter

Bytes Document Solutions (BDS) has donated over R56 000 to Barking Mad Dogtown, a rehabilitation centre for dogs who have been abused and abandoned, or are considered ‘difficult’ to home.

This contribution was a result of a fundraising project that the Xerox direct team embarked on during its recent annual sales conference. Last year the team undertook a similar event where it raised over R72 000 for the Randburg SPCA. BDS has always had a strong social conscience and has a history of community involvement through which it aims to provide support to worthwhile projects and organisations in order to make a real difference to socio-economic challenges.

This year the theme was ‘Save a dog’s life’ and Barking Mad Dogtown was the animal-welfare organisation chosen as the deserving recipient. Barking Mad Dogtown is a superior rehabilitation centre where each dog receives quality care, food, veterinary treatment, housing, comfort, exercise and stimulation. There is a retirement village for long-term residents and a special rehabilitation section for dogs that have lost their faith in humanity. If suitable homes cannot be found for the dogs, they remain at the shelter for life. Through its sponsored ‘Click to Feed’ initiative, Barking Mad also donates food to other needy animals countrywide.

‘We are overwhelmed by the generosity of Bytes Document Solutions employees and clients,’ said Pat Barr-Sanders, fundraiser, Barking Mad Dogtown, ‘This sort of donation does not come along every day and we could not be happier. The money has also come at a very crucial time for us. This donation will be put towards vet and food bills, as well as bringing us one step closer to acquiring our own property.

‘Our goal is to buy our own 20 hectare property, which will also put us in a position to create career job opportunities for caregivers, behaviourists and trainers. With more of this type of corporate support, we would be able to build the most extraordinary rehabilitation centre in Africa, enabling us to save more dogs, from more places, more often.’

‘The BDS team was delighted that it could raise this amount of cash for an organisation that is doing such important work with dogs. We recognise that when times are hard and people’s resources are stretched thin, many animals end up in shelters, which are already under financial pressure. It’s a privilege for Bytes Document Solutions to be able to assist Dogtown with additional funds for the exceptional services it provides,’ said Johan Basson, CEO of Bytes Document Solutions.