The Packaging Revolution for short and medium runs in offset

OMET showed a new packaging printing press the Varyflex V2 Offset 850 at drupa 2016, opening a new direction for the flexible printing and folding carton converters. The flexible packaging market has been keeping growing lately and a further increase is expected for the next five years. This is one of the fastest growing sectors in the printing market. In particular there is a strong increase in demand for hybrid-printed products, which require both high quality performances, provided by offset technology, and high density printing, a flexo standard characteristic. Another tendency is to use less solvents, for health reasons, and we are able to satisfy this important necessity by using food compliant offset UV inks and EB curing system. Omet Varyflex V2 Offset was presented at drupa 2016 with Flexo-Offset hybrid technology and can fully satisfy all the new trends on the market. New Varyflex V2 Offset has great potentiality especially for customers still using rotogravure technology, which normally requires high quantities of solvent inks but is not able to handle short runs. Offset printing technology guarantees high quality through efficiency and low equipment costs. This press can target various sectors, in particular flexible packaging, and all those IML labels which are still printed on sheetfed offset presses. There will be of course flexible packaging converters aiming at widening their market range, as well as potential label printers moving towards this technology and also sheetfed printers which have generally a lot of experience in offset printing and want to enter packaging market. Offset would also be convenient with short run, thanks to the lower cost of the printing plates compared to flexo polymer and to rotogravure cylinder. Varyflex V2 Offset is one of the few machines in the world able to combine and integrate all printing technologies in-line (flexo, offset, rotogravure, screen, digital) and even change their position depending on the necessity. The combination of different technologies provides benefits especially with specific jobs. Being able to combine offset and flexo enables the printer to take advantage of the peculiarities of each technology and merge them to confer higher value to the final product. The offset unit recently developed by our R&D department has an innovative ink system with high-precision ink duct for automatic ink control, which reduces set-up time and waste. A patented pressure control system guarantees the perfect stability of colours in acceleration and deceleration. Each offset printing unit ink duct has 27 laser-carved independent sectors, electronically controlled, in order to guarantee the constant ink transfer. An automatic roller washing system ensures top quality printing throughout production. With 10 direct drive motors in each printing unit, Varyflex V2 Offset is the most sophisticated printing press ever created by OMET and offers precision printing. Thanks to light and easy-to-handle sleeves, job change is very quick and allows to be competitive also with short runs and different jobs. Easy sleeve format change technology is patented by OMET. It features the ability to print on a wide range of substrates, from thin 8 micron film to 450 micron carton, just by changing electronic parameters from the operator panel in one touch. Omet’s press is ready to print either in wet-on-dry mode by installing inter-deck UV curing systems, or in wet-on-wet mode, through UV or EB curing system at the end of the line, which enables to keep absolute flexibility. For the drupa configuration OMET chose the Electron Beam system because packaging curing quality needs to be fully guaranteed especially for complex jobs with high-coverage colours, but more importantly, food packaging safety is essential and must be safeguarded. Varyflex V2 Offset is the revolution in the packaging market, because runs have been shortening and costs of Rotogravure and CI flexo’s equipment are much higher, not mentioning their limitations in terms of process and configurations flexibility. In fact, CI flexo reaches 8-10 colours max, whereas the need for job diversification requires more than 10 colours. Many market areas are interested in new press, due to offset printing quality, the ability of printing all kind of substrates and in-line lamination. OMET did not only focus on packaging at drupa: on its booth visitors also saw the new iFLEX flexo press for labels in demonstration. In less than one year OMET has sold more than 20 iFLEX presses worldwide, thanks to innovations such as iLight and iVision, which allow a non-servo press to reach the same quality and low waste results of a servo driven machine. OMET also collaborated with Landa for the Nano-Metallography project. In fact this new unit by Landa was shown at drupa on a XFlex X6 OMET at Landa booth. Landa chose OMET as partner for this project due to its higher level of innovation technology and the knowledge of its R&D department and XFlex X6 for the best register stability on the market.