Ricoh SA hosts Freedom to Operate

Ricoh SA is hosting Freedom to Operate at three major venues across South Africa in August and September. The event is designed as a series of interactive zones that will identify and address many of today’s top business challenges. ‘Productivity and efficiency are at the root of several business challenges today,’ said Esti Kilian, head of marketing services at Ricoh SA. ‘Improved information management can successfully transcend those challenges and instead create business opportunities. We have found, in conjunction with some of the top research firms, IDC, Quocirca, Economist Intelligence Unit, Lyra and Coleman Parkes, that most companies are overwhelmed with information and that they cannot process it efficiently. That hampers employees who increasingly spend time looking for information so that they can get their jobs done.’ Workers spend an average of seven hours a week searching for information, according to the research. Dismantling the barriers to productivity, said Kilian, could therefore result in nearly a full extra work day, per week, per employee. ‘Freedom to Operate will show attendees how they can effectively redress this situation by moving information through the organisation more effectively,’ said Kilian. ‘When they’re able to achieve that efficiency they can embrace it to begin working more effectively with the information so that they’re getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time, and in the right format. ‘While the message is not new the capabilities to deliver it are. We may face unrivalled historical complexity in the unification of mobile devices, social media and connectivity everywhere, but these also represent a significant opportunity, if harnessed correctly.’ Freedom to Operate encompasses optimising mobile workforces, enhancing the flow of business-critical information, improving operational effectiveness, and improving sustainability. Attendees will also have the opportunity to discuss their specific environments with executives at the event where they can gain concrete strategies to seize their organisational information and put it to work. Caption: Esti Kilian, head of marketing services at Ricoh SA