Antalis South Africa sells grand format LED printer with cool curing!

Antalis South Africa is pleased to announce that Beith Digital, has purchased an Efi VUTEkGS3250LXr Pro, which is a LED roll-to-roll printer. The sale was signed-up just prior to Antalis showcasing some of the world’s best digital printers at FESPA Africa 2014 which included the Efi VUTEkGS3250LX Pro. As Devyn Wagner, MD, Beith Digital, explained, ‘As a leader in the print industry, the purchase of the Efi VUTEkGS3250LXr Pro positions Beith Digital at the forefront of digital wide format printing technology. This equipment will allow us to produce building and vehicle wraps that will be of the highest colour quality at a market related price.’ He said the quality produced by the Efi VUTEkGS3250LXr Pro is such that the consumer will notice the difference between their printed products and others in the marketplace. ‘We are able to print up to 280m² an hour with a high quality colour output and print on flexible material with the Efi VUTEkGS3250LXr Pro. It is also a quality printing billboard machine.’ Gary Campbell, the General Manager of the Gauteng region, Antalis, said this is the second Vutek machine purchased by Beith Digital over the past 12 month period. ‘The Efi VUTEkGS3250LXr Pro is a great product and it is clear why it suits Beith Digital’s requirements as it can print on more substrates, with an outstanding quality of print while delivering a high production rate. The equipment also uses very good flexible inks so you can print vehicle branding and wrapping and billboards.’ The Efi VUTEkGS3250LXr Pro is part of the VUTEk GS series that boasts LED technology which carries significant benefits, including increasing a company’s up time and productivity, a decrease in operating costs because of lower power consumption and lower hard costs, and reduced waste because of its consistent colour output and simple operation. Its innovative ink-curing technology means that it supports an extended range of substrates. In addition to these benefits it is also a ‘greener print’ solution.