INX Digital expands its Evolve portfolio with new inkjet printers

INX Digital has expanded its portfolio of highly-specialised printing systems with the introduction of the TP Series, designed to help industrial print service providers produce breakthrough applications with improved productivity, quality and versatility. The TP Series is available in different widths and configurations, that include conveyor-belt with optional board feeder and stacker, vacuum table for high-precision prototyping and roll-to-roll with heavy-duty unwinder and rewinder. The printer can use the whole range of specially-formulated INX UV ink chemistries. TP160CB, introduced at Fespa Digital today, is one of the first printers in the marketplace equipped with the new Xaar 1002 industrial printheads. NW140, also based on the same Xaar single-pass technology, is the well-established narrow-web press for labelling, capable of printing up to 23 linear meters per minute at high quality with integrated laser die-cutting. Within the Evolve range, INX is also expanding its range of JetINX printhead drive and ink recirculation systems, made available to integrators and printer manufacturers for a wide range of single-pass and scanning inkjet applications. The JetINX technology is fully compatible with Xaar 1001 and 1002 printheads. ‘Working on the combination of fluids and hardware allows us to deliver our inks quicker and more effectively. Thanks to our R&D and manufacturing capabilities, we’re one of the few manufacturers in the world that works on the combination of ink design, jetting requirements, hardware design and delivery of fluids to the substrate,’ explained Jim Lambert, VP Hardware Division at INX Digital. ‘Collaboration with Xaar, a leader in printhead innovation for the industrial market, helps INX stay at the forefront of ink technology and development for the expanding industrial market.’ ‘INX Digital has been quick to take advantage of the power of the Xaar 1002 technology and is maximising the tremendous flexibility and capabilities of the new printhead within its new generation of scanning and single-pass printers,’ said Richard Darling of Xaar. The printhead incorporates patented TF Technology ink recirculation to deliver unbeatable performance and production reliability, even when handling high-opacity and high-viscosity inks and fluids.’ At Fespa Digital INX also introduced applications printed using Aqua 250 and launches the TP160-RR as the first TP Series roll-to-roll printer for aqueous industrial applications. The two systems use aqueous inks for direct high-speed printing on paper-based substrates, such as coated and uncoated papers, corrugated boards, blueback papers for billboards, sublimation papers and melamine papers. Aqua 250, in particular, is designed and optimized for direct printing on corrugated boards. Manufactured by the Italy-based INX partner Engico, Aqua 250 enables box-makers, commercial printers and POS professionals to print and deliver just-in-time and 1:1 cardboard boxes, reduce make-ready times and prepress costs. The high flexibility of its innovative aqueous inks produced by INX allows cutting, creasing and folding of printed boards without the risk of cracking. Aqua 250 can produce up to 400 sqm/hr at high quality on corrugated boards up to 15 mm. ‘For Engico, water-based inks are the future,’ said Daniele Mazzola, Product Development manager at Engico. ‘As flexography is aqueous, it made sense for us to develop a solution that matches flexography in terms of ink use, but provides the unique characteristics of digital. INX Digital engineers have supported us throughout the entire R&D process, providing expertise and a reliable fluid.’