Antalis SA distributor for UPM Raflatac

Antalis South Africa (Pty) Limited has been a distributor of UPM Raflatac since March this year, following talks between the two companies last year. The agreement between Antalis and UPM Raflatac makes perfect sense as Antalis is a leading distributor of self adhesive sheet fed label paper in South Africa and Raflatac is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive label materials. Label stock products are mainly used for consumer product and industrial labelling in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, retail and logistics. Raflatac is a global operator with sales operations in 67 countries and production in 17 countries. It is the second largest producer of pressure sensitive materials in the Europe. The distribution partnership between Antalis and UPM Raflatac is a mutually beneficial one said Michael Rushworth, Product Manager, Paper for Antalis. ‘Over the past few years, Raflatac has been expanding its product offering and presence in rapidly growing markets, while for Antalis locally it made sense to make Raflatac a preferred supplier as the group is already a major supplier to Antalis worldwide,’ he said. UPM Raflatac is also a cost effective grade combined with excellent quality and its overall marketing backup is very good. ‘Throughout negotiations last year and since starting our relationship, they have been tremendous and their willingness to assist is phenomenal,’ he added. UPM Raflatac views its presence in the South African graphics and sheet market as a great opportunity. Andoni Rodriguez, Marketing Manager Sheets, EMEA, Area Sales Manager, Sheets Business: Africa and Latin America said, ‘UPM Raflatac has a long partnership with Antalis in Europe, and South Africa represents an exciting step forward for all of us.’ He believes the relationship with Antalis will allow UPM Raflatac’s sheets solutions to meet the needs of printers and end-users for quality, reliability, innovation and environmental performance in this high-demand market. ‘We strive to become a perfect labelling solution provider for the South African printers in their daily self-adhesive labelling and are proud to put our 20 years of experience in the sheets business to work for them,’ he said. Raflatac sheets come out of their Spanish plant in Barcelona and their Polish mill outside Warsaw, with most of the paper face sheets coming out of their own mills. This is important, said Rushworth, as it means they have control over the quality of their paper. Raflatac’s chain-of-custody system tracks certified material from the forest to the final label construction. It provides third-party verification that the wood used in labeling products originates from responsibly managed forests. UPM takes part in all major forest certification programs, including FSC and PEFC. A holistic approach is followed when creating its products and assessing the environmental impact of its products through its in-house expertise, technology and capabilities. It uses state-of-the–art production processes and through the creation of new label products, has reduced its use of nonrenewable materials. It also treats waste as a valuable resource. It uses a framework it has developed to source raw materials globally, which is based on the company’s code of conduct and corporate responsibility principles. Whether a gloss, matt, clear, opaque, textured, holographic, coloured or metallised visual effect product, they are all suitable for all printing technologies, whether, flexo, digital, high resolution and contrast, thermal or other. All its labeling for complex shapes and squeezable packaging will remain useful for the lifetime of the labelled goods. Raflatac’s product are cost-efficient and sustainable and meets all relevant industry and regulatory requirements in terms of safety.