Zetes’ Showcases Packaging and Logistics Execution Suites at Propak Cape

New generation technologies play an important role in achieving cost-cuttings and securing identification and traceability along the packaging line. Zetes South Africa, a leading provider of supply chain, identification and mobility solutions will showcase the company’s expertise in the field of secure identification and traceability, as well as warehouse operational efficiency at Propak Cape this year. The company will showcase its ZetesAtlas and ZetesMedea solutions to the delegates attending the event. According to Karin Parker, Executive Head – Sales & Marketing for Zetes South Africa, the ability to build an innovative and collaborative supply chain, starts with robust product identification or serialisation, and similarly efficiency and productivity are key elements to consider, in realising a collaborative supply chain. ‘It is for this reason that this year we will showcase the two solutions, which address these elements,’ said Parker. Zetes Atlas packaging solution facilitates the secure and efficient management of even the most demanding identification processes. This suite allows full control of the packaging process at all key levels, ensures data-security, helps in ensuring full process visibility, fighting counterfeiting, ensuring compliance with legislation and protecting health safety. Parker said that ZetesAtlas provides a basis for full compliance with the industry’s most dynamic identification standards – EPC and ePedigree. On the other hand, ZetesMedea, the logistics execution solution, is a next generation system and accommodates rapid deployment of its voice picking solution. Minimal training is required, thus voice picking operators can be fully operational in hours instead of days. This solution extends the functionality of WMS/ERP systems and drives operational efficiencies throughout the warehouse operations. ‘Zetes has tested and proven that voice picking is typically 10 – 15 percent faster than traditional paper-based picking, and 15 – 25 percent faster than RF handheld picking. Delegates are encourage to visit the Zetes’ stand – B67 to see the demonstration of how this solution can assist them in their warehouse operations,’ explained Parker. Through the integration of the latest data capture technologies (such as barcode, RFID, voice and ImageID systems) and integrating the data flow to WMS/ERP and SAP systems, ZetesMedea provides a highly scalable solution that maximises every warehouse process from Goods-In to the Dock Door. Parker says that Zetes will also demonstrate their MCL Mobility Platform, which allows their customers to build, deploy, run and manage mobile applications faster and from virtually anywhere, regardless of operating system (OS) or mobile device. ‘This platform is dedicated to supply chain process execution and manages the entire mobile infrastructure, application and device lifecycle – enabling a “build once, deploy to many” approach,’ she added. To experience first-hand how these solutions can benefit your supply chain process, visit the Zetes stand at Propak Cape 2014. For more information visit http://www.zetes.com/en/supply-chain-and-mobility-solutions/ZetesMedea-logistics-solutions or http://www.zetes.com/en/supply-chain-and-mobility-solutions/ZetesAtlas-packaging-solutions Zetes Corp PR – Sarah Dheedene – T +32 2 728 37 48 – e-mail: sarah.dheedene@zetes.com Zetes SA – Chevon Jacobs – e-mail: chevon.jacobs@za.zetes.com T +27 21 551 4455