Ronnie Cox Graphic Supplies launches blockless hot foiling

Ronnie Cox Graphic Supplies, in association with Flesher Corporation, launched and demonstrated the Flesher Hot Foil Lettering System at Fespa Africa. Hot foiling has always been a time-consuming and costly process requiring a foiling block and skilled operators. Foiling is also a relatively slow process and can be quite wasteful depending on the skill of the operator and the design to be foiled. The Flesher Corporation Hot Foil Lettering System completely eliminates the need for a foiling block and also simplifies the foiling process while reducing the volume of wasted foil. The system connects to a standard computer via USB cable. The text to be foiled is simply typed onto the screen in the layout required. The operator presses ‘Print’, and that’s it! Variable data foiling at the push of a button. The hot foiling system can apply foil onto almost any product that will accept hot foil stamping. Foiling can be done at any stage of the production process. A wide range of products can be foiled including diaries, card wallets, note books, university dissertations, certificates, business cards and many more. The foiling process uses a multi-character print-wheel. The print-wheel can house up to 200 characters, including letters, numbers, punctuation marks and special images. Company logos can be incorporated, and the registration of the machine is so good that images can be made up from multiple stampings in perfect register. The print-wheels are interchangeable making the system very versatile and flexible. Print-wheels can be ordered directly from Flesher Corporation and delivery is guaranteed within a few days of the order being placed. The machine range comprises many variations from handfed versions, to fully automatic machines equipped with cover feeders and stackers. Said Dick Bruce, vice president of Sales for Flesher Corporation, ‘Hot foiling has always been such a difficult, expensive and slow process that it is often not viable in the modern industry. We have changed that. With our Hot Foil Lettering System, printers of all sizes can now control their own foiling requirements. The system cannot replace the larger and complex foiling requirements but it can simplify the process of foiling lettering. This system has proven very effective with in-house printing departments at Colleges, Universities and even larger corporations. For commercial printers it offers an additional revenue stream and the ability to give their customers added value.’ Paul Cox, managing director of Ronnie Cox Graphic Supplies commented, ‘This system will allow smaller printers to differentiate themselves in a very competitive market. The system is easy to use and very versatile. The stamping pressure, depth and impression can be adjusted allowing effects such as debossing to be handled, as well as conventional hot foiling. This system is a must for printers wanting to improve or expand their range of services.’ For more information on the Hot Foil Lettering System contact Paul on 011 794 6225 or e-mail