Filmatic Packaging Systems providing best fit packaging solutions

Filmatic Packaging Systems in Paarl, South Africa, offers professional engineering services with regard to specialised packaging systems, as well as complete turnkey projects. Filmatic’s total dedication to excellent service, quality and specialist packaging design, from stand-alone fillers to turnkey packaging lines, has ensured that it is the preferred supplier for start-up businesses as well as established businesses. During the past 35 years we have re-engineered the company several times to successfully supply quality, cost-effective solutions in a very competitive environment. Renowned worldwide for the quality of its liquid packaging machinery, Filmatic also supplies machinery for processing dry goods such as rice, maize and powder products as well as pasteurisation and retort processing equipment, i.e. it can provide equipment over a large spectrum of packaged goods and is fully equipped to supply back-up service on all the equipment it supplies. Filmatic also offers a range of complementary agency equipment, uniquely enabling it to supply upstream and downstream equipment, in other words, from bottle blowing to empty container handling, rinsing, filling, capping, labelling, conveying and packaging. ‘We pride ourselves in the fact that we have a solution for most packaging needs. Our success is evident in our clientele. Our current market consists of rinser-filler-cappers for the dairy industry and food and beverage markets. In this segment we have a significant market share in the Southern African market, but we also provide our engineering services to the international market’, said Riaan van Zyl, sales director. ‘We distribute our equipment internationally through agents in selected countries or directly from South Africa’, he added. The equipment is operates in more than 21 countries, including Mauritius, Australia, Taiwan, South East Asia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, USA and Sub-Sahara Africa. Clients include the Unilever Group, Reckitt & Benckiser, Nestle, Cadbury Schweppes, Tiger Brands, Colgate, Chibuku Breweries, Dairibord, Parmalat, Danone Clover SA, Dannon USA, Cambell’s Soup, Total, Johnson Wax, SAB International (Africa) and many more. Said van Zyl ‘We handle most types of glass and plastic bottles, FFS applications for liquid and dry products, different types of caps and provide our services to producers of milk, cream, cordials, beer, carbonated soft drinks, fruit juice, jam, honey, shampoo, dish washing liquid, ink, ketchup, vinegar, motor oil, edible oil, wine, cider, water, paint and many more. ‘Combining our own engineering designs and equipment sourced from leading international manufacturers, we are able to provide a complete solution for most packaging needs, including conveyors, accumulation and line control. The filler is the heart of the production line and must always produce at optimum efficiency. To achieve this, all the equipment from upstream to downstream must be selected and engineered to keep the heart beating. A highly professional team of engineers and top quality agency equipment ensure our success.’ he explained. Filmatic is South Africa’s leading packaging systems company due to a combination of engineering skills, research and development, back-up service and highly skilled technicians. With in-house designed equipment, a design team of 16 engineers, years of experience in the liquid filling and packaging industry, a 24-hour maintenance team and agency equipment sourced worldwide, not many companies can match Filmatic’s international services and capabilities. Filmatic’s mission is to stay at the forefront of technology by modernising and designing equipment to fulfil the specific needs of its customers and to select agency partners to enhance its product offering. They aim to always to be one step ahead. New developments and designs include the extended shelf life rinser-filler-cappers, newly released self-adhesive labeller, single lane-, double lane- and six-pack tub yoghurt fillers to name just the most recent developments. With a staff compliment of the most skilled personnel in the industry, your vision and its innovation, Filmatic will provide the best solution for all your packaging needs and have the capacity and ability to provide aftersales support year-round on all its equipment and to all its clients, nationally and internationally. If you want to move forward with your business, Filmatic can and will support you through the whole process of equipment selection and supply. Filmatic: Tel +27 (0) 21 862 2192;;