All the 2014 packaging trends to be showcased at Propak Cape 2014

All the 2014 packaging trends to be showcased at Propak Cape 2014



While consumers don’t buy products for their packaging, packaging is becoming increasingly important in helping consumers make purchasing decisions. Besides the basic function of protecting pack contents, packaging is used to brand products, communicate marketing messages, communicate information about the product and decorate and differentiate a product from its competitors.


All the 2014 packaging trends will be on show at this year’s Propak Cape exhibition, which takes place at the Cape Town International Conference Centre (CTICC) from 21-23 October. Trends such as sustainable packaging, large value packs, smaller concentrated packs, second life packaging, multi-use packaging, new functional forms, packaging for product differentiation and variation, as well as minimalist design and new decorative matt finishes will be on display at Propak Cape.


With its successful track record over the past decade as a highly influential packaging and related industries exhibition, the show enjoys strong industry support and this year is on track to be the biggest in Cape Town yet with over 200 exhibitors participating.


The show is an ideal platform for exhibitors to launch new products and Propak Cape is a must visit for all involved in packaging, printing, labelling, food processing, plastics and wine manufacturing. Visitors will have the opportunity to view machinery in action during live demonstrations and will see the best of what this innovative industry can produce.


Propak Cape 2014 will offer visitors a great learning experience with its many interactive product displays and industry experts on stands sharing their knowledge and expertise. There’s also the additional attraction of industry conferences and free-to-attend seminars alongside the show offering valuable content and networking opportunities.


‘An extremely successful regional event, the show combines all elements of packaging and its related industries and provides a powerful marketing vehicle for the broad industry it represents,’ said Gary Corin, Managing Director of Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery, organiser of the show. ‘Visitors will benefit from seeing the many interactive displays as well as the onsite demonstrations of machinery and equipment. They will also have the opportunity to interact with top industry experts and gain invaluable industry insights.’


Various pieces of legislation and regulation have placed high responsibility on manufacturers for the packaging of their products and effects on the environment. Visitors will gain insight into key trends and developments driving packaging generally and specifics around various pack types and closures whether metal packaging, rigid plastic, glass, liquid cartons, paper-based containers and flexible packaging.


One such area is the growth in biodegradable plastic packaging which is being fuelled by consumer demand for more environmentally-sustainable products. This is used for food, beverages, personal care, cosmetics, healthcare, medicine and other biodegradable plastic packaging markets.


The processed-food sector is experiencing significant growth with a general trend towards convenience and indulgence, driving an increased consumer demand for processed foods. This translates into industry growth for related industries. The global market for food and beverage processing equipment is projected to grow significantly over the next five years. The food and beverage packaging segment is also expected to grow.


Exhibitors showcasing printing, packaging and labelling include Graphix Supply World, HG Molenaar, Golden Era Printers, Inspection and Coding Systems, Zetes Media, ADE Labelling and Barcoding, Advanced Packaging Technology, Koogan Plastics, Pyrotec, Teraoka SA, ThermoFisher Scientific, Marel Food Systems, Uteco Converting Spa, J Pak, Robatech, Chiorino South Africa, Filmatic Packaging Systems, Rako Tamperseal, Acepak Packaging Systems, AGQPE, Bosch Packaging Technology, Multivac, Pakmax, USS Pactech, Ocean Machines, Win-Pak, Fair Plastic Packaging, Future Packaging and Machinery, Packaging World, Pail Pac, Automation Techniques, Pakmatic, Pakmax and Polyoak Packaging.


Pyrotec will be launching its new coding and labelling machines at the show. Each machine is unique in its own right as it delivers different features of printing, coding and labelling in various types of environments. Pyrotec’s offering includes on-pack product identification solutions including self-adhesive label systems as well as coding and labelling equipment. All the machines on the Pyrotec stand will be demonstrating various types of labelling and coding technologies where customers can view the machines in operation.


Showcasing two of its brands at the show, Pyrotec PackMark is an exclusive distributor for a variety of world-class labelling, coding and Print and Apply labelling equipment from Markem-Imaje, ALtech and Harlands – amongst others – who are trusted manufacturers of product identification and traceability solutions. Pyrotec PackMedia is in the business of developing, manufacturing and supplying Expanded Content Labels (ECL) which enable its customers to multiply the area used for communication on their packaging several times over providing vast potential for cost savings, packaging reduction and increasing productivity and sales.

Multivac Southern Africa will be launching its new R 085 entry-level model for thermoforming packaging at Propak Cape. The machine can be used for running both flexible films and rigid films and is suitable for packing non-food products as well as food. This machine will be up-and-running on the Multivac stand to form part of a complete packaging line.


The new R 085 entry-level model is aimed at companies across a wide range of sectors who want to embark on automatic thermoforming packaging. The machine can be ordered with four standard format layouts and is suitable for packing both sliced products and individual items. The R 085 can be used to produce packs with inert gas as well as vacuum packs, so that users can also meet the requirement for extended shelf life for their packaged products.


This new product is Multivac’s response to current trends in the packaging market. The demand is rising in almost all sectors for particularly high-quality product packaging in small batch sizes. Entry-level solutions, which are easy to operate, are currently just as much in demand as highly flexible solutions, which can be converted quickly and simply. This machine also fulfils the requirements for improved energy efficiency as electric drives are used for both the lifting units and the transport chain.


A full programme of industry conferences and free-to-attend seminars alongside the show ensures that even greater value-add is provided for visitors.


‘Propak Cape is further supported by a programme of conferences and seminars running alongside the exhibition, focusing on topical issues that will be of benefit to those involved in these industry sectors,’ said Corin.


The Institute of Packaging of South Africa (IPSA) will be hosting its Luxury Packaging and Packaging Trends Conference alongside Propak Cape. Speakers include Lucky Budgie editor, Paul Raphaely, on the topic ‘Trends in Luxury Packaging’; Werner Weber, UPV Holdings CEO, will be speaking about ‘Advances in Pack Enhancement’; and Steve Andrews, owner of the Stand Design Agency, will be giving insight to the ‘Countdown to Christmas – Preparing a Brand for Christmas’.


Kiril Dimitrov of Woolworths will share ideas on ‘Design for Recycling’ at the Plastics SA workshop and Dr Martin Engelmann, PlasticsEurope Advocacy Director, will be speaking on ‘Zero Plastics to landfill’.


A free-to-attend seminar programme will also be running during the course of the show covering a variety of topics associated with packaging, printing, labelling, food processing, plastics and general business interest.


Topics will include legal implications of the draft food labelling regulations, innovation and value creation for food and beverage packaging, diversification and new applications in print for new revenue streams, the role of ink in printing and the newest developments in Thermo-inks, and insights into latest innovations around pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeves.


General interest topics include leadership development for packaging, printing and plastic SME’s, current economic trends and the expected industry outlook for 2015, new B-BBEE Codes and updates on the PoPI Act. (NB. The seminar programme could be subject to change).


‘The free-to-attend seminars will run in the afternoons on the first two days of the show and as a full-day programme on Thursday, the final day of the show,’ said Corin. ‘A broad range of topics have been included to cater for our industry sector visitors.’


The Student Gold Pack Awards will also be a feature at Propak Cape this year. This is a reward programme for students in packaging, design and food sciences who show an insight into the challenges of packaging and the interaction of the multiplicity of disciplines involved.


‘The student national award finalists entries will be on display at Propak Cape,’ said Corin, adding that as a company they are proud to be associated with this event again this year, as they have been over many years.


The Western Cape is the perfect home for Propak Cape. As a major exporter of wine, fruit and other valuable commodities to international markets, the area is heavily reliant on the packaging and associated industries. It is essential that fresh produce is properly packaged to ensure its safe and undamaged arrival at its destination, but although the basic function of packaging is to preserve and protect the pack contents, packaging – particularly in the retail market – continues to be a fascinating marketing tool that is used to promote and sell products.


‘Advertising agencies, packaging designers, brand and product managers are encouraged to visit Propak Cape 2014,’ said Corin, ‘to see the latest in packaging technology, materials and processes.’


Propak Cape has the support of The Institute of Packaging in SA, Printing SA and Plastics SA.


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