Printers Adopt Kodak Sonora Plates in 2014

Since the announcement of its 1000th Sonora Process Free Plate customer in July 2014, Kodak’s Sonora Plate customer base has grown dramatically. There are now more than 1800 customers using Sonora Plates and strong global growth is projected to continue.

The enthusiastic adoption of Kodak’s process-free plates stems from both their economic and environmental benefits. Sonora Process Free Plates eliminate the processing step required by traditional thermal plates and provide significant energy, water, and waste reductions without requiring printers to make sacrifices on productivity or print capabilities.

With continued pipeline growth, significant manufacturing investments, and more customers available to share their experience with Sonora Plates, Kodak expects 2015 to be another year of continued success. Numerous initiatives to stimulate Sonora Plates growth directly led to impressive results across all regions.

‘Our commitment to providing regionally manufactured SONORA Plates to our customers has been a critical component of our customer service program, and we look forward to further developing these relationships to promote sustainable and efficient printing worldwide,’ said Brad Kruchten, president of Kodak’s Print Systems Division (PSD).