Large Format Printing with a reasonable price tag

The signage, shopfitting and point of sale markets have become a growth opportunity for many printers who are looking for a means of supplementing their dwindling commercial work. They need to find new revenue streams but, the high cost of entry into the large format market is sometimes prohibitive. Advanced Machinery has a cost-effective alternative allowing printers to enter this market for less than R100 000.


The FastColour Series Large Format Printer from Advanced Machinery is based on market-leading print heads and features a maximum print width of 1620mm and a maximum output resolution of 2160 x 2160dpi. The Eco Solvent version F-1620/ECO will be available in in the local market from February 2015 at the price of R99 999. It uses eco-solvent inks making it suitable for a wide range of applications. A UV version, the F-1620/UV will be available later in 2015 at a slightly higher price.


The four-colour FastColour F-1620/ECO printer can print to a range of substrates including coated and uncoated paper, lightbox films and cloth, wall paper, car decals, full colour vehicle wraps, building signage, outdoor paper posters, outdoor polypropylene PVC and vinyls. It features a range of printing modes operating at different speeds to achieve different qualities of print. In the Draft mode, which is a three-pass mode, the printer is able to achieve a print speed of 27,42sqm per hour. In Production mode, which is a four-pass mode it can achieve 18,24sqm per hour. In Quality mode, which is a six-pass mode it can achieve 13,2sqm per hour. In High Precision mode, which is an eight-pass print mode it achieves 9,12sqm per hour.


Eric Yin of Advanced Machinery said, ‘This is not the fastest machine on the market in this print size, but for printers, either commercial or in-house, looking to enter the large format market it offers sufficiently high levels of productivity to meet most production requirements while at the same time offering printers an affordable price point.’


The fact that the FastColour F-1620/ECO printer uses eco-solvent inks means that it can be used in both in-house and commercial print environments due to the low-odour of the inks. These inks require a drying system to ensure good adhesion to the substrate. For this reason the printer is fitted with an intelligent front, middle and rear three level heating system. Additional ink drying systems are available as an optional extra for faster drying or for handling less absorbent substrates. In addition, the printer is fitted with an intelligent air feed system to assist with the drying process.


It comes standard with a roll-feed system and can be fitted with a roll-up system for handling longer prints on the front end of the machine. Eric added, ‘This printer includes all of the features that a printer could possibly want. It even has a self-cleaning function to ensure that prints of the highest quality are achieved every time.’


The FastColour F-1620/UV printer uses standard UV inks and therefore offers faster drying and higher-quality. The inks are cured using UV light therefore, there is no penetration of the ink into the substrate but they provide a more robust print which is resistant to scuffing and scratching. This also allows for more rigid substrates to be printed.

Advanced machinery will be launching flatbed versions of the both the ECO and UV FastColour Series of Flatbed Printers during 2015. The FastColour Series complements the existing range of vinyl cutters supplied by Advanced Machinery. The rollfed FastColour printers will work alongside the V-Smart Vinyl Cutters with Contour Cutting function and the flatbed printers will work alongside with the flatbed cutting machine Advanced Machinery also has planned to introduce at 2015 to the market. Eric added, ‘These printer and cutter combinations will allow customers to print and cut stickers, cardboard display stands and other materials in a complete production line, thereby increasing their productivity.’


All the printers in the FastColour Series can be driven by the RIP software selected by the user. However, if the customer does not have any specific preference, then Advanced Machinery will supply the PhotoPRINT RIP software from SAi, the software developer for Flexi software which it supplies with its range of Vinyl Cutters.


For more information on the FastColour Series Large Format Printer, contact Advanced Machinery at or Tel.: 072 222 2211 or visit the website: