BREAKING NEWS…The GAPP Print Expo has arrived.

Announcing the introduction of The GAPP Print Expo – The Printing Exhibition for South Africa. This new exhibition – a joint venture between Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery and The GAPP Magazine, which was launched on 12 March – provides a dedicated and focused mirror on the international printing industry. What does an exhibition of printing equipment mean to you? The answer will really depend on whether you are a supplier or a buyer of printing equipment. For printers it should mean the opportunity to see some different technology in action, to hear about the latest trends and to discuss your business and industry with all the knowledgeable suppliers in one place. For suppliers, it should mean the ability to meet with more customers than you could hope to meet in a normal week. In truth, a printing exhibition is often seen by printers as either a waste of time or a way of wasting time – depending on their outlook. For suppliers it is seen as a necessary evil and a major expense. The question which begs answering is Why? Why is it a waste of time, why is it more of an expense than an advantage? The answer, when you really look at the information, is relevance. Printers want to know that a show is relevant to them, that it will have the things they want to see, the people they want to talk to and a good representation of the industry in general. Suppliers want to know that they will have a reasonable volume of qualified visitors to their stands to justify the expense of being at the show. The GAPP Print Expo exhibition will take place at Nasrec on 15 – 18 March 2016 and will address the needs and requirements of the South African Printing Industry. The result is a major change to the show. It will now be known as The GAPP PrintExpo. What is it that makes this such an ideal combination? The first and most important aspect to remember is that both parties bring their own specific strengths to the equation. Specialised Exhibitions Montgomery has been presenting trade shows for more than 100 years. It has a long-standing relationship with the printing and packaging industry. It also hosts the top-grossing shows in a number of different industries including Mining and Industrial, Building, Security, Food and Hospitality and Marketing, apart from its Printing and Packaging offerings. Electra-Mining is its largest trade show and regularly attracts more than 100 000 visitors to a staging of the show. Sentient Publishing has more than 15 years of experience in the printing industry having established the first directory of suppliers to the printing industry. As a print-centric company it has subsequently launched The GAPP Magazine – the broadest spectrum print and packaging magazine serving the South African market, and The SA Print Directory – a directory of commercial printers, packaging manufacturers and signage producers. The staff within Sentient Publishing have almost 100 years in, or associated with, the printing , as well as marketing and media industries. The GAPP PrintExpo will be held at Nasrec from 15 to 18 March 2016 and will run concurrently with the associated exhibitions of Propak Africa, Foodpro, Pro-Plas Expo and Pro-Label Africa. As in previous years, Propak will be situated in Hall 6 at Nasrec. The GAPP PrintExpo will be situated in Hall 7. In addition to the exhibition The GAPP PrintExpo will be running a two-day conference aimed at senior decision-makers and buyers of printing services. The conference will focus around trends and developments in the international printing industry giving delegates a more in-depth view of their industry and factors which are influencing it. Commenting on the association, Gary Corin, managing director of Specialised Exhibitions said, ‘This is a very exciting joint venture for us. It allows us to leverage off of the superb reputation of The GAPP Magazine and gives us access to an extensive database of senior and middle-management players in the printing industry.’ Vikesh Roopchand, managing director of Sentient Publishing added, ‘In just five years The GAPP has gone from being the newcomer on the market to being a well-respected publication with a very large readership. We are very excited to have been approached by Specialised Exhibitions to partner with it on the staging of The GAPP PrintExpo.’ Companies wanting to enquire about exhibiting on The GAPP PrintExpo can contact Sentient Publishing on 011 475 5095 or via e-mail on