Your last chance to Get listed on the SA Print Directory

As a commercial printer, packaging manufacturer or signage services supplier you are constantly looking for new business. If it is your philosophy to supply the highest quality products to the markets you serve then keeping the clients you already have should be fairly easy. After all, the statistics show that it takes seven times more effort and expense to get one new client than to retain an existing one. What if you could reduce those odds and take most of the effort out of attracting new clients? What would it mean to you if new clients came looking for you? Most new clients are looking for one of two things – lower prices or better service. It is not always favourable to attract the clients who are looking for better prices, but there are exceptions. The clients who are looking for better service can easily be won by a service provider who goes the extra mile. For those service providers who want to attract new business, how do they go about it? There are any number of marketing channels available. They can establish their own website – if they don’t already have one. They can buy access to online search options – the cost of which can be exorbitant. They can place a listing in telephone directories – but which category should they be listed under? Any one, or all, of these options can work but there is no real way of measuring what level of success these options provide. The SA Print Directory is a dedicated listing of commercial printers, packaging manufacturers, signage producers and associated suppliers which is designed to give potential buyers of ‘print’ access to qualified suppliers capable of providing the specific type of printed job the client is looking for. The SA Print Directory is a two-part listing. The first part is a printed directory where each company is listed in alphabetical order. Then, according to the different categories of printed products they are able to supply, they are cross-referenced in an extensive index of more than 160 categories of print to allow users to find the specific type of job they want to have printed. The second part is the online, interactive directory. This directory also allows users to find the specific printers capable of producing the type of work they want. However, it offers extended functionality. Every printer capable of producing the type of work is accessed giving the user the ability to view all of them in order to make comparisons and informed decisions. From the listing the user is able to deselect service providers which he does not consider suitable. Alternatively, the user can send a single e-mail to all listed service providers in a given job category. This simplifies the search process for the user and places the onus on the printer to contact the potential customer to offer assistance. For the user, it offers simplicity and ease of access to a range of service providers able to produce the specific type of job they want produced. For the printer it brings a new source of potential clients but also allows the printer to determine if the job is something that he wants to produce or would rather stay away from. The SA Print Directory website was recently completely redesigned and re-engineered to make it easier for users to find the type of work they want produced rather than looking for a specific type of printer. This search method of looking for a job removes the need for the user to have any technical knowledge or understanding of the different types of print. This is important for clients where an assistant or secretary is given the task of sourcing a print service provider, or where they are new to dealing with printers. The upgrades to the website also provide the listed companies with a better system of reporting. The most important element in any marketing campaign is knowing whether the money spent to achieve a specific result has actually borne fruit. The SA Print Directory provides the listed companies with a regular report on the number of views that the company has received from the online directory. It also reports how many requests for contact have been received. Not only that, but the primary contact within the company can access the back end of the website to verify every request and follow up on them, thereby providing them with the ability to verify the internal operations of their own company operations. As the publisher of The SA Print Directory, Sentient Publishing spends a great deal of time and money in promoting the directory to the buyers of print in the corporate and FMCG sectors. These are the people who are going to be looking for printers, embroiderers, engravers, packaging manufacturers and signage producers but who do not necessarily know where to look. Online searches and telephone directories can only provide a limited list. The SA Print Directory can provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use listing, and what is more, the companies in the directory are qualified to provide the services listed. Bookings for the 2015 SA Print Directory are about to close. Don’t miss out and lose the opportunity to have new customers come looking for you. Printers, packaging manufacturers, signage suppliers and associated service providers wanting to consider a listing in the SA Print Directory should contact Sentient Publishing. You can call 011 475 5095 or e-mail