Heltronic and HPM At the cutting edge

Guillotines are often considered a fairly run-of-the-mill piece of equipment in any printshop. They are essential for pre-cutting paper to fit a press and they are often needed to trim printed material for post processing but they are not really considered to be high-tech pieces of equipment. Modern guillotines are a far cry from the guillotines of old. Even the most basic modern guillotines feature computerised settings and programmability. The main aim of modern guillotines is accurate cutting and faster throughput speeds. Cutting can be a time-consuming process with one stack taking up to 15 minutes to complete including loading, unloading and inter-cut handling. Heltronic in Cape Town has made major inroads assisting printers who require faster throughput in their cutting departments with the HPM range of cutters and cutting systems. It recently completed the 36th successful installation of an HPM cutter in the local market at Minute Man Press in Cape Town. Minute Man Press has the HPM SQZK 78 M10 cutter. Commenting on the installation at Minute Man Press, Brian Lubbe, managing director of Heltronic said, ‘These guillotines are manufactured with operator safety and comfort in mind but they also feature state-of-the-art controls and servo-motors for highly accurate operation and precise cutting. We are excited that the response in the local market for the HPM range of cutters has been so good and we welcome Minute Man Press to the family.’ The range of HPM cutters has recently been upgraded to the very latest technology. The HPM range of cutters features a touch-screen display ranging in size from 10.2-inch up to 15-inch, with built-in diagnostics. It also features non-repeat safety-guards ensuring complete operator safety. It also has improved features such as backgauge closed-loop servo-drives, fully programmable clamp pressure and the speed of the knife can be controlled from 30 to 48 cuts per minute for precision cutting to within 0.01mm. For those customers who require faster throughputs and shorter turnaround times, the system can be supplied with full flow line option incorporating stack lifter, joggers and unloaders all with air tables for faster transport of the stacks. The advantages of these systems in that operators and assistants can handle more volume per hour. However, it also alleviates the stress on operators by reducing the amount of manual handling required. The cutters can be field-upgraded to full cutting systems allowing for expansion as the customer’s workload increases. Brian added, ‘HPM’s range of cutters and cutting systems can now hold their own against the industry-leading cutters on the market.’