Print and Application Finding the Ezee solution

In the point-of-sale and point-of-purchase markets there is the need to print large materials, either directly to rigid substrates or to have the print securely fixed to a rigid substrate. However, for many manufacturers and printers of these types of material, the volumes do not justify the installation of a flatbed printer but the problems associated with lamination onto a rigid substrate often outweigh the benefits. Sytech Supplies, with its head office in Durban, has a solution which will allow customers to print onto flexible materials using the Seiko Instruments ColorPainter M-64s and then to laminate the print onto a range of rigid substrates using the Ezee Applicator. The Seiko Instruments ColorPainter M-64s large-format roll-fed printer meets the speed and quality demands for short-run turnaround and just-in-time requirements and low running costs. With a maximum speed of 66,5sqm per hour the ColorPainter is designed for both the outdoor signage and indoor graphics markets. The imaging technologies and auto adjust function allows for the highest print quality on PVC at a maximum speed of 33.1sqm per hour. Towards the end of 2014, the ColorPainter won the Viscom large-format printer of the year award. The ColorPainter M-64s is a 1600mm wide eco-solvent large-format printer and is designed to produce high-quality prints according to the specifications of the job type. It features a new air flow and large heater for faster and more consistent drying of the printed product. An important aspect for high-volume printers is continuous production. The ColorPainter features 1,5 litre ink cartridges and built-in sub-tanks to support continuous high-volume printing. The sub-tanks allow for the ink cartridges to be changed without interrupting the print run. The ColorPainter M-64s can be configured as a six- or seven-colour or bag ink printer and is capable of printing onto a range of media including PVC, banner and other media designed for solvent printers. It features a maximum resolution of 900dpi and full print width of 1616mm. It features low-odour eco-solvent inks. It also won the Nordic Eco label award for its eco-solvent ink in 2014. High-volume prints of this nature should not be limited to any particular market segment and it is for this reason that Sytech Supplies is offering the ColorPainter with the Ezee Applicators thereby expanding the range of uses of the prints being handled on the large-format printer. The Ezee Applicators are available in a range of sizes allowing rigid substrates ranging in size from 650 x 1000mm up to 1650 x 3200mm to be handled. It can handle flat or even slightly curved rigid materials and can even handle difficult substrates such as correx, foams, aluminium, glass, PVC board and Foam board among others. According to Kyle Groger, marketing manager at Sytech Supplies, the Ezee Applicators automate and simplify the process of application on rigid substrates up to 40mm thick. He added, ‘The Ezee Applicators are manufactured here in South Africa and enable customer who do not have big UV machines to be able to handle print and application processes. The combined solution of the ColorPainter and the Ezee Applicator provides customers with a viable alternative to flatbed printing.’ The printing and applicating solution not only provides customers with an additional source of revenue by allowing them to enter the POS or POP markets, but it also appeals to smaller customers who do not have the physical space for a large flatbed printer and laminator. Kyle concluded, ‘We have created this combined solution to meet the demands of the smaller to medium-sized printer who is looking for a way of expanding his business but cannot afford, or does not want, the outlay for a dedicated machine. This solution will enhance their product offering without the need for installing large and expensive machinery that could further constrain their production.’ For more information on the ColorPainter and Ezee Applicator solution contact Sytech Supplies on 0861-SYTECH (798324) or visit