H-UV exceeds expectations at Imprimerie Doneux

Founded in 1888 and located in Mettet (Belgium) since 2000, Imprimerie Doneux is managed by Christophe Doneux. The strength of this dynamic company lies in the prospective vision of its leader, and its success is linked to its wide range of services.

Its client base consists of direct customers (50 percent) such as companies, associations etc., agencies and printers as sub-contractors (30 percent), and public administrations (20 percent).This new press is not the first Komori at Doneux, but the first equipped with H-UV. We asked Mr Doneux why he chose Komori H-UV. ‘We constantly have to produce better and faster, with a top quality, but at lower costs and within always shorter delivery times. These requirements summarize exactly what printer business is today and I think that there are very few technical solutions on the market able to satisfy them.

‘If it can meet these criteria, a press with a coater has the disadvantages of its large footprint (extended delivery with exhaust system…), coater unit cost and power consumption (we know the price of electricity today and we can easily imagine what it will cost in 5 to 10 years!). ‘With H-UV, for the same job we can obtain better results thanks to broader possibilities, especially on substrates that are impossible to print with a conventional press, powderless operation and finishing work performed immediately! After one month of production, I already know that I made the right choice, with a gain in productivity exceeding my expectations.’

Why did we choose Komori H-UV? ‘There are two technologies: LED UV (which makes PMS impossible) and Komori H-UV which, I think, is at the cutting edge in terms of technological expertise. They immediately believed in this promising new technology. As a proof, they do not hesitate to encourage their customers to invest in H-UV! I visited some printers in France, where this drying system is booming and people I encountered – from managers to operators – were all really thrilled with this investment.‘Furthermore, I think we have to put the higher cost of ink in perspective. Indeed, at Komori, cost of maintenance is minimal, and if you take into account the time savings generated by H-UV, the impact of ink cost totally disappears.

‘After 10 years of relationships with this manufacturer, I can say that if Doneux is profitable today, this is largely due to Komori!’