Agfa Graphics’ Anapurna M3200i RTR with high-density white at ISA

The mid-end wide-format Anapurna M3200i RTR is one of the most successful models in Agfa Graphics’ enhanced Anapurna i-series, offering high productivity and quality at a most attractive price point. At the International Sign Expo trade show ISA (Las Vegas, USA), it was shown with a high-density white option. ‘White ink comes in extremely handy on colored self-adhesive vinyl, PVC banners or backlit film,’ said Deborah Hutcheson, director of marketing, Agfa Graphics North America. ‘It is also great for printing on decals because the colours look brighter and more vibrant when printed on white. It blocks the background from seeing through which is a typical problem on shop windows. And on darkened car wind shields it becomes even more attractive.’ Thanks to the ‘thin ink layer technology’, Agfa Graphics’ large gamut of UV-curable inks enable printing on a broad range of flexible materials and front- and back-lit graphics. These inks deliver the highest quality prints with the lowest ink consumption per square meter in the industry. The high-density white allows for the extra brilliant touch on coloured backgrounds and a prominent visibility on any transparant application. Anapurna M3200i W can print white underneath colour, white on top of colour or colour/white/colour, supporting various applications. Next to these extended white print options, the system allows for high-density colour printing (colour-on-colour) without the need to print in ‘double strike’ mode. All of these options are selectable from a user-friendly intuitive GUI with support in 11 different languages. The Anapurna M3200i RTR comes optionally with support for printing on mesh without liner and simultaneous dual rolls printing up to 152mm. Agfa Graphics’ Asanti workflow for the sign and display market, adds dedicated colour management and automatic preflighting, thus providing consistent quality while minimising errors. This increases productivity and saves time. Asanti is completed by the Asanti StoreFront cloud-based web-to-print system, which comes as an optional low-investment SaaS solution.