New logo for Institute of Packaging SA

The Institute of Packaging South Africa has launched a new logo. The key motivation for this overdue update is to create a stronger branding link between the Packaging Council of South Africa (PACSA) and the Institute of Packaging of South Africa (IPSA). These two organisations, although separate and autonomous, work closely together for the interests of packaging in South Africa. PACSA is an association of companies and provides industry representation on issues impacting the industry to all interested parties including government, the media and its own membership. IPSA is an association of individuals with the purpose to promote skills development, professionalism and networking amongst those whose careers are linked to the industry. To achieve this PACSA has rebranded and renamed itself PACKAGING SA. IPSA’s name remains unchanged but the logo has been redesigned to visually reflect the close co-operation between the two organisations. IPSA has a representative on the PACKAGING SA board and PACKAGING SA has a representative on IPSA’s National Executive.