How to Enter:The GAPP Awards

Over the past few months we have spoken at length about the launch of the GAPP Awards as THE signage, printing and packaging industry competition. The aim is to provide printers across all sectors of the market with the opportunity to compete against one another with the goal of being named The Pinnacle of Excellence in their respective printing disciplines. We have explained how many categories there will be and even when the final gala event will take place. What we have not explained, except in the most rudimentary of terms, is how the process of entering will work. We have made every effort to simplify the process as much as possible. By the time you reach this point you should hopefully have undertaken some form of internal judging to determine which jobs represent the very best of your work over a given period. Remember that you can only enter up to ten jobs per category. Once you have the entries in-hand and you know what categories you are going to enter you can now start the process of actually registering entries. All of this can be handled online. Remember that you will need three, or more, copies of your entries for judging purposes and that all your entries must be as close to pristine condition as possible to allow the judges the best opportunity to judge your entries. Entries will also be photographed and you want only the best to be seen. Entries can be submitted by printers, their clients, agencies or anyone associated with the job. However, as this is a printing competition, it is the printer who will receive the awards. Winners can order and purchase additional certificates to present to clients after the event. To enter the competition, log onto the website The website has been designed to be easy to navigate without lengthy explanations for each section. The website will explain the process but this article will give a step-by-step explanation of how to go about submitting your entry. Start with a general browse around the website to see how the website works and get a feel for the competition. Under ‘The GAPP Awards 2016’ tab you will find information on why you should participate in the competition, but if you have got to this point, you are certain to know the reasons why you should be entering. Under the same tab you will find the various categories to give you a better overview of the expanse of the competition. The next item under this tab is a full and detailed explanation on ‘How to Enter’. This will include some clarifying information on how to select which category you should enter your different pieces into. The judges will, however, have the right to move entries if they feel that an entry has been incorrectly entered. The next item under this tab is ‘Submit an Entry’. The entire process of entering is done right here. Complete the three-page form giving the name of the printer, the name of the person entering the competition and the technical information of the specific job. It would be advisable to have all the necessary information before starting the process as the form cannot be saved. (See the panel at the end of this article for the necessary information.) Each entry must be made on a separate entry form as each entry form carries with it a specific number which will be used to identify it. This is done to ensure complete anonymity and to prevent any impropriety. Once you have completed your entry form and are ready to submit you will be asked for the method of payment you would like to use – EFT or credit card. In either case the entry can only be considered finalised when payment is received. (Remember that a percentage of every entry will go towards an education fund for people wanting to enter or already working in the printing industry.) The final part of the process will be to submit your entry. This will generate an automatic entry form which will be sent to you by e-mail. At the same time an automatic invoice will be generated which will also be e-mailed to you. Your entry form must accompany your physical entry – you can retain a copy for your records. You can then send off your entry to the address provided on the entry form. All entries must reach us by the end of July 2016. That is the entry process but there is one more thing that that you should do, read the terms and conditions. The last thing you want is to have your entry being disqualified because there was something you missed in the T&Cs. Disqualified entries will not be refunded or notified. Also under the same tab you will find an explanation of the judging. The next tab is ‘The GAPP Awards Sponsors’ which will give an explanation of what the benefits are to sponsors of the Awards. Various levels of sponsorship are available. Feel free to contact us if you would like to consider some form of sponsorship. Now that you know how easy it is to enter, all that remains is to motivate your staff to produce their absolute best work and then to enter. One way of achieving the best may be to have a small internal competition running and award the winning teams or crews on a monthly basis and then once a quarter enter the best job(s). Good luck and we look forward to receiving your entries. Entry Information Required. 1)Title of the Job Name of the customer – company name Name of the designer/agency – company or individual Name of the printer – company name Category into which the entry falls – 30 to choose from Printer – company name Contact person – preferably the owner Printer’s address Printer’s contact information 2)Name of the company submitting the entry – if you are the printer please repeat the info from page one if not, this is the information for the person or company entering the competition Your VAT Number will be required for invoicing purposes Important entry information Environmentally-friendly attributes Special binding or folding techniques Special finishes Printing Press Run length Special treatments and finishes 3)Other information Substrate used – name and grammages of paper or board where applicable Plates Blankets Inks Chemistry Other