Addressing the need for large-format finishing

If the recent Fespa exhibition brought anything to light, it was the fact that there is an international trend towards large-format printers wanting to bring finishing systems in-house to improve productivity, reduce turnaround times and take greater control of all production processes. In order to answer this need, suppliers of large-format printing systems will be forced to add finishing systems to their product portfolio. Equipment like cutters, routers, milling systems, eyeletting machines, welding machines and various others will need to be included. Durban-based Sytech Supplies is a full-solutions provider addressing all sectors of the signage and display industry. In order to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and to answer a need in the market, Sytech recently concluded an agreement with IECHO for the distribution of its range of large-format digital cutting systems. Sytech will be launching the range at the Fespa Africa show being held in Johannesburg at the end of July. IECHO was founded in 1994 and is now a leading manufacturer of automatic cutting systems in the signage, graphics, packaging, garment, leather and composite industries. It has an international representation base. The BK high precision Digital Cutting System’s capabilities include cutting, kiss cutting, milling, punching, creasing and marking functions. It can be fitted with both stacking and collecting tables for increased productivity. The BK system is suited to short run work such as sample making, as well as to longer production runs for signmaking, advertising, point-of-sale, point-of-purchase, printing and packaging applications. The BK cutting system features a number of advantages for customers. The cutting speed is one metre per second allowing for high volume output and dramatically improving productivity over manual cutting. It features a CCD camera to accurately register cutting operations to the work place, thereby eliminating problems associated with manual positioning. Flexible tool-blade combinations can meet the cutting requirements of different materials and different processing modes. Operator safety is of prime importance and as such the BK system incorporates a safety sensor to prevent injury. An intelligent conveyor system co-ordinates feeding and collection operations for maximum efficiency, labour saving and enhanced productivity. Ergonomics are also taken into account with the BK system where a sound absorbing device is included to reduce sound levels from the vacuum pump by up to 70 percent. The BK system features a number of different cutting tools for a wide range of materials and material thicknesses depending on the job being undertaken. It also features specialist cutting blades and routing tools. The cutters can also be fitted with either one or two heads for ease of job changeover without the need to interrupt production. The BK Cutting System series features cutters of different sizes, as well as custom sizes to meet the specific needs of customers. Standard models include the BK1311 with a cutting area of 1300 x 1100mm, the BK1713 for the size 1700 x 1300mm, the BK2011 for the size 2000 x 1100mm and the BK2516 for the size 2500 x 1600mm. Custom sizes can be built in sizes ranging from 1300mm up to 5 metres long and 1100mm up to 5 metres wide. The maximum cutting thickness of all models is 50mm. Said Malcolm Groger, managing member of Sytech Supplies, ‘The BK Cutting Systems from IECHO dovetail nicely with the other products in our portfolio. These high-speed and high-precision cutters will be launched at Fespa Africa and we anticipate that they will attract a lot of attention from both new and existing customers.’ For more information on the BK Cutters contact Sytech Supplies on 0861-SYTECH (798324) or visit