X-Rite Donation Supports the Work of the DFTA

X-Rite Incorporated has announced that the company has donated two X-Rite eXact Advanced Scan Spectrophotometers and one Ci64 Portable Sphere Spectrophotometer to the Technology Centre (TZ) of the DFTA flexographic association in Stuttgart, Germany.Founded in 1994, the DFTA-TZ serves as the center of Flexographic excellence. X-Rite’s donations will improve how students measure colour in the flexo printing process.The DFTA-TZ offers seminars, workshops and continuous training and extension studies that train and support experts in the Flexographic printing method. This training, combined with DFTA’s ongoing scientific press experiments and research, ensures the flexo industry will flourish today and well into the future. X-Rite’s donation of the Ci64 and the X-Rite eXact Advanced Scan spectrophotometers are designed to support that mission. Anton Jahn, Lab Engineer for Research and Development at DFTA-TZ, said, ‘Before the X-Rite donation, we measured shiny and reverse printed materials with spectrophotometers that used an up-streamed polarisation filter. While this was sufficient for general comparison of printing results, X-Rite’s donation gives us a much more suitable solution. With better measurement possibilities on a wider range of substrates, we are able to help our members and customers optimize their products and developments.’X-Rite eXact is a handheld colour measurement solution that enables printers and packaging converters to understand, control, manage and communicate colour across the entire colour network, avoiding unwanted reprint and rework. The Ci64 is part of X-Rite’s Ci6x family of handheld sphere spectrophotometers. This series of spectrophotometers measures colour at any stage of production, giving manufacturers greater confidence in their color data, regardless of where or when the measurements are collected. According to Paula Rosales, European marketing manager at X-Rite, ‘X-Rite has been an active member of the DFTA organisation, regularly participating in its seminars, workshops and trade shows. We are honoured that our solutions can further support the mission of this organisation, and help to train the next generation of flexo experts.’

For more information about X-Rite solutions visit www.xrite.com/exact or www.xrite.com/Ci6x