Xerox technology wows at Zambian ICT Expo

The recent Zambian ICT & Pay Expo 2015 drew a considerable crowd with Xerox digital printing solutions attracting plenty of attention. As a key exhibitor at the event held in Lusaka’s Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Bytes Document Solutions and its Zambian partner DIGIprint Limited were on-hand to provide delegates with direct experiences of how the latest technology drives better business.

That’s according to Christos Diakosavas, DIGIprint managing director, who said there is a shifting trend towards higher standards of quality. ‘This applies to printing services, with company owners and managers across the spectrum looking for document solutions that match their business needs.’He therefore said it should come as no surprise that the first African sale (South Africa excluded) of the new Xerox Versant 2100 press was recently concluded by DIGIprint in Zambia. ‘That’s a reflection of the current climate and market, where there is demand for quality, speed, and innovation.

These are all things we strive for constantly at DIGIprint.’ The Xerox Versant 2100 is designed for an average monthly print volume of up to 250 000 images a month and with options including high-capacity feeding, stacking, and finishing, delivers flexibility to match its performance, said Olivier Merven, regional manager: African Operations at Bytes Document Solutions. ‘When it comes to colour digital printing, the Versant 2100 is highly efficient and rapidly delivers the sort of quality output that wins clients in competitive markets,’ Merven noted. Continuing, Diakosavas said Xerox solutions incorporate constant and consistent innovation which is important to companies and the general public in Zambia. ‘This is a fast-developing country in terms of technology.

People here are hungry for the latest in hardware and software and this is why Xerox and its partners are winning new business.’ After winning two accolades at the event (Best Local or International stand and Most Innovative Product) Diakosavas described the Zambian ICT & Pay Expo 2015 as a success for DIGIprint and Xerox, and also for the delegates who attended. As a barometer for the technology industry in Zambia, he said the level of interest bodes well: ‘In terms communicated to the people who were at the event, it was a great success – and we stood out as one of the brightest and best in Zambia, with this exhibition really getting Digiprint and Xerox out there.’