Xeikon X-800 6.0 integrates with Xeikon Digital Press platforms

Xeikon has announced the newest version of its X-800 digital front-end (DFE). It delivers maximum automation to enable the most powerful workflow on the market. The X-800 6.0 combines superior and consistent print with industry-leading productivity to enable digital printers to process their print jobs, no matter how complex, in the fastest, most flexible and secure way. It is upgradable to all press-models from the Panther UV inkjet presses – the PX3000 and PX2000 to the Xeikon 3000 series to the Cheetah series for labels and the Xeikon 8000 and 9000 series for the graphic arts markets.

The solution enables print service providers to reduce job preparation time, automate converting and serve a new business which can only be enabled through digital print, such as variable data. ‘We are constantly innovating our press portfolio and, as a result our, software solutions that support them, so our customers can maximise their production possibilities,’ commented Filip Weymans, Vice President Marketing at Xeikon. ‘The Xeikon X-800 6.0 DFE builds on our highly successful and established dedicated Xeikon press software platform that works with open standards and delivers scalable functionality.’

Weymans continued, ‘It will allow all our customers to add value no matter their specialty area. From label and packaging converters to operations with high-volume data throughput requirements, the latest version will help them streamline their workflow, reduce job preparation time for even the most complex work and become more responsive and efficient.‘Our X-800 DFE is designed from a digital printing perspective to outperform any other DFE in the market when it comes to the level of automation possible. X-800 6.0 strongly focuses on enhancing operational capabilities, one of which is automated impositioning. Weymans explained, ‘Streamlining this process can easily help operations save hundreds of prepress and job preparation hours per year. This alone delivers a clear and measurable value.’

To demonstrate the possible business gains for individual operations Xeikon has launched a new initiative called ‘Workflow Challenge’. Customers can request an online review by simply mailing info@xeikon.com comparing the X-800 6.0 to other workflows. Weymans added, ‘Simply seeing the impact a software solution has on other similar operations does not always make it easy to understand how it will help your business’s performance. With our Workflow Challenge, a much more direct comparison can be made helping define specific goals that will achieve tangible results. We will highlight how job automation reduces job preparation, enables variable data management and supports web to print with laser die cutting.’