Tetra Pak celebrates 60 years in South Africa

Tetra Pak, the leading food processing and packaging company, is celebrating 60 years in South Africa. With a world class manufacturing plant, established in 1979 in Pinetown, Tetra Pak South Africa has grown since its establishment to almost 2 billion packages to meet the needs of the growing population in the region.

‘Tetra Pak was established in 1952 in Lund, Sweden,’ said Dennis Jönsson, President and CEO of Tetra Pak. ‘South Africa was an early expansion destination, already in 1958, and we built the factory in Pinetown in 1979. The growth and success we see today is proof that South Africa and Africa will deliver our vision of making food safe and available everywhere. We continue to innovate new technologies and strategies to drive growth in the industry while providing our customers with sustainable solutions to grow their businesses.’

Tetra Pak’s modern systems for Industry 4.0, with smarter production systems, provide customers with more connectivity, smarter ways of doing business and making production of food and drinks more efficient and cost effective. ‘We want to ensure faster delivery for customers, more uptime and lower cost, which is more convenient for them, and give them the quality and innovation they need to address their changing needs,’ said Stefan Fageräng, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Southern Africa.

‘Africa is a continent of opportunities and South Africa is one of the largest economies in Africa,’ said Stefan Fageräng. ‘Our state of the art factory in Pinetown continues to provide quality and innovation to our customers in a fast-changing world, providing cutting edge materials and services to our customers, demonstrating our commitment to the region.’

He added that the local facility also provides efficiencies in plant management, environmental management, and overall productivity while supporting the export market. ‘Africa is a global growth region that represents our future, in partnership with our customers, and it depends on innovative solutions and adaptations to market changes,’ said Fageräng. ‘Our close cooperation with our customers and partners in the region will see us continue to provide safe, secure, and sustainable products.’

Caption: Dennis Jönsson, President and CEO of Tetra Pak

Caption: Stefan Fageräng, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Southern Africa