Minuteman Press Strijdom Park Sharing history with Xerox

In its 21st year Minuteman Press Strijdom Park not only celebrated reaching this milestone, but also celebrated the installation of the Xerox Versant 80 – making this particular shop an exclusively Xerox outlet. Over the years Minuteman Press Strijdom Park has used a wide range of Xerox presses for its production.

The close link with Xerox has been an important part of the success of the franchise, as has the family ownership of the franchise. For the Corder brothers of Minuteman Press Strijdom Park the family connection is the basis of the success which has seen the franchise remain so strong for the past 21 years. That family connection extends to being part of the global Minuteman Press family.

Opened on 1 April 1997, Strijdom Park was the fourth franchise under the Minuteman Press banner to open in South Africa. Established by Ian Corder and his brother Warwick, the Strijdom Park franchise employed just three people. Ian underwent the mandatory training process for all new franchise owners. This entails 10 days of business and systems training at the Minuteman Press headquarters in the United States. From those early days, Xerox production printers were, and still are, a part of the success of the company. Digital Printing as a mainstream solution was still in its infancy in those days and the Strijdom Park franchise was almost exclusively a litho press operation.

Hard work by the small team under the leadership of Ian saw the Strijdom Park franchise making a name for itself for quality work and exceptional customer service, both locally and with customers from neighbouring countries. It also resulted in growth which saw the addition of new staff and two separate moves into larger premises within the Randburg area. In 2008 Ian decided to emigrate to New Zealand and Warwick took over until Brother Ken took the reins in 2009. In 2014, Ken’s son Greg joined the fold – extending the family connection even further.

Ken commented, ‘Over the years we have always been driven to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and print of the best quality. However, price is always seen as a factor in printing and as a result of that we need our suppliers to ensure that their consumables and click charges are as competitive as possible, which has not always been the case.’

The first true colour digital production press installed at the franchise was the Xerox DC240 which was a ‘good machine’ according to Ken. This was eventually replaced by the C75 which brought with it better clicks making it far more competitive machine and offering increased productivity and cost-effectiveness. It also offered the important capability of auto-duplexing up to 300gsm stock. Ken added, ‘This was important because most colour printers at the time could not handle anything above 250gsm. As the first Minuteman Press to install the C75 it provided invaluable information for the rest of the group.’

Successive machines from Xerox for both monochrome and colour printing, plus a brief experiment with machines from another manufacturer, have seen the Strijdom Park franchise grow and flourish to the point where it now employs 10 staff and has attracted a large and loyal customer base. Over the past four years, the Strijdom Park franchise has gradually become an exclusively Xerox shop, finally having removed digital devices from other manufacturers.

Referring to the Xerox Versant 80, Ken commented, ‘The quality of this device is certainly everything we could expect from a Xerox printer, the print quality is excellent, the service we receive is exactly what is promised and the click rate is very competitive, which makes this the ideal device for our requirements and has cemented our decision to stay with Xerox when next we need to install a new solution.’

The Xerox Versant 80 is a four-colour printer featuring 2400 x 2400dpi x 10-bit rendering for bright and vibrant colour prints onto a range of different paper stocks. The printer features the Full Width Array which ensures correct and accurate colour print quality across the entire sheet and also from one sheet to the next. The press also stores a library of different paper and substrate stocks allowing specific profiles to be created for each paper type ensuring a consistent result each and every time that paper type is used. Ken added, ‘This is certainly one of the contributing factors which lead the Minuteman Press to specify this particular press as one of its recommended devices for new franchisees around the world.’

As one of the longest standing franchises of the 50 that are active in South Africa, Minuteman Press Strijdom Park plays a key within the local organisation and is a clear example of how well the franchise system works when matched with the right franchisee using the correct equipment. Xerox equipment is an integral part of the success of the franchise both in South African and around the world.