Agfa demos its Jeti Tauro H3300 LED flagship

The Jeti Tauro H3300 LED inkjet printing engine was the centerpiece of Agfa’s FESPA booth, combining outstanding image quality with impressive productivity and cutting-edge automation. Other live demos on the booth: the Anapurna H3200i LED printer, and the latest version of Agfa’s Asanti workflow solution for sign & display.

Since its introduction last year, the hybrid Jeti Tauro H3300 LED has proven a global sales success, with users praising its superior image quality and outstanding productivity. Agfa’s flagship was awarded the Product of the Year award in the ‘Roll-to-Roll UV’ category by the American Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) last autumn. On top of that, the Jeti Tauro H3300 LED won Gold in the prestigious Canadian Printing Awards for most progressive inkjet printing process.

Jeti Tauro H3300 LED embodies ‘Extreme productivity. Extreme quality’ which is Agfa’s theme for its range of digital printing solutions. Vibrant, smooth and detailed images printed at exceptional speeds characterize this hybrid workhorse. In addition, it boasts four levels of automation, so PSPs can configure the engine to their specific needs. Next to the manual loading and unloading, semi-automation, and full automation modes, the Jeti Tauro H3300 LED offers a master roll-to-roll configuration that enables large printing shops to combine high-end roll and board applications with a single high-productivity UV inkjet printer. Featuring outstanding resolution of 635 x 1200dpi in all print modes, the engine produces prints up to 3.3m wide at speeds up to 453sqm per hour. It is the only UV inkjet system to support single or dual master rolls for uninterrupted, unattended operations.

The Agfa booth also showcased another SGIA Product of the Year award winner: the Anapurna H3200i LED, which won in the UV Hybrid category. This 3.2m hybrid printing engine is ideal for a variety of uncoated rigid media and roll media applications. The 6-color engine also includes white ink to print spot colors or to print on transparent material for backlit applications. At FESPA, the Anapurna H3200i LED operated in dual roll-mode.

Agfa’s engines not only excel in print quality and productivity. They also offer the best cost of ownership thanks to their ink consumption levels, which are the lowest in the industry. In addition, their LED curing lamps offer an impressive list of ecological and economical benefits. Next to the actual engines, there were plenty of stunning and inspiring real-life applications on the Agfa booth, demonstrating how print jobs are only limited by designers’ creativity.

At FESPA 2019, Agfa also demonstrated the latest version of Asanti, its smart automated production hub and workflow tool for Sign & Display companies. Asanti streamlines workflow processes and offers print producers outstanding print quality and color consistency. New to Asanti 4.0 is the support of the G7 method, a device-independent set of specifications for achieving accurate colors and thus visual similarity across all print processes. The G7 method outlines easy-to-follow guidelines for implementing ISO printing standards and additional metrics. Asanti’s new G7 support is part of the software’s integrated color management wizard.