The Flint Group CPS division manufacturing cutting edge quality inks

Flint Group South Africa’s Commercial, Publication and Sheetfed inks (Flintgroup CPS Africa) division manufactures quality inks that are consistent batch to batch and bring colour to the products that consumers see, touch and feel on a daily basis. The company’s latest product offering have an environmentally friendly focus while still maintaining the highest international safety standards.

Flint Group is a global company that manufactures packaging, digital printing, commercial, publication and sheetfed inks. Multiple companies over the years have amalgamated to form the conglomerate widely known as the Flint Group. The separate ink/product segments however function as individual companies in order to give the best possible localised service to their respective clients, according to Stelios Giagas, Flintgroup CPS Director Africa.
The Flint Group was birthed in 2005 when XSYS Print Solutions and Flint Ink Corporation united. Flint Ink was founded in the USA in 1920 and they became an internationally renowned ink supplier and manufacturer. Flint Group’s stake in the ink manufacturing marketplace was solidified in 2007 when it acquired Day International, which produced non-ink pressroom consumables.

Flint’s sheetfed inks are all produced in their state of the art plant in Stuttgart, Germany; Coincidentally Stuttgart is the home of Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Bosch Appliances. South Africa receives over 400 tons of sheetfed ink from Stuttgart per year. Interestingly all Flint’s sheetfed inks consumed worldwide are produced at the facility in Stuttgart. Flint’s Novavit® F 1000 Bio Win and the UV LED and Low Energy Curable inks which are environmentally friendly are the latest additions to the company’s sheetfed inks product offering. The Novavit® F 1000 Bio Win is colour intense, fast setting and is suited for straight-line printing on all multi-colour printing presses. The XCURA EVO series which are the UV LED and Low Energy Curable Inks are suited for direct finishing and laser printing. It also offers excellent ink-water stability, high colour strength and low dot gain.

Flint’s passion is managing their clients’ colour to improve press productivity, waste reduction and colour consistency. The company’s Global Colour Centre offers a 24-hour colour management service that is operated through an electronic communication platform that is run in a centralised location but has the ability to reach Flint’s customers worldwide. This ensures their customers always receive a product of the highest quality with a fast turnaround time.

One of Flint’s biggest differentiators is the fact that its sheetfed inks are Lab Colour Space equipped. The Lab Colour Space provides a precise colour communication between a company and their supply chain to ensure products are made to the exact colour specifications. This enables Flint to provide its customers with the exact product they requested.  With regards to the web-offset printing inks, Flint is a major supplier in Southern Africa to both the newsinks (coldset) and heatset markets. All heatset inks are sourced in bulk from the Flint mother plant in Gravesande, Holland.

The newsinks are one of Flint Group CPS Africa’s flagship locally manufactured product offerings. “We are a very customer focused company so our goal is always to give value added service to our clients. We have achieved this in our newsinks sector by tailor making inks that suit the variety of paper and the machines that newspaper printers in the country use. We also get some local supply of raw materials and we have local labour which gives us an advantage,” says Stelios.