Print and paper brought back into focus at The Design Indaba 2020

The Design Indaba celebrated its 25th anniversary by commissioning 30 alumni designers from around the world to create poster designs which were then printed on Munken Pure paper supplied by Kalideck. This move brought the power of paper and print back in focus in a digitising world.

The theme for 2020’s Design Indaba was ‘a better world through creativity’ which highlights the need for sustainability in design. Using paper and print to celebrate this edition of the Design Indaba was befitting as paper is one of the most sustainable materials as shown by South Africa’s 72% paper recycling rate. “Our DI alumni, Michael Bierut from Pentagram reached out to many of our graphic designer alumni speakers to organise a flash poster design project to celebrate our 25th anniversary. 30 of the submissions were exhibited at this spring’s Design Indaba Festival, where they were sold as limited edition posters celebrating Design Indaba’s 25th anniversary. Only 100 prints of each design were produced. The proceeds will be donated to the Design Indaba Trust in support of the Design Indaba Global Graduates program,” explains Design Indaba’s Matthew Knott-Craig.

Kalideck promoted paper and print at the three-day event at their stand showcasing a range of visual communication delights including our Loerie Award winning posters printed on Magno Plus coated paper highlighting the papers’ image brilliance and fantastic colour reproduction qualities; which according to Kalideck’s Marketing Manager, Caroline Coughlan attracted many of the attendees who were keen to discover more about paper’s wonderful tactile communication. “It was a really amazing experience! I spoke to so many people who were enthralled by the magic of the irresistible quality of paper and print as they viewed our beautiful print pieces on show. Everyone wanted to own one. I had graphic design students from Stellenbosch University who asked me if I could visit their university to showcase and teach fellow students about how paper can deliver an emotional and memorable experi¬ence. I found it really encouraging that young people still see the value and power of print communication,” Caroline continued.

Munken Pure papers are high-quality uncoated range of environmentally friendly papers with a soft natural finish. Munken Papers are produced at Munkendals in Sweden where the Munkedal and Örekil Rivers meet. The Örekil River is one of Sweden’s best salmon rivers to date making Arctic Paper Munkedals one of the world’s most environmentally friendly paper mill. This ties in with the Design Indaba’s 2020 theme of sustainability.

Over and above the limited edition posters celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Design Indaba, there was a bookstore at the event. The books on sale included ‘Explore Awesome South African Artist’ printed on Kalideck’s Lenza Green the ‘100% Recycled paper with heART’. “Choosing paper is a creative act! Choosing the right paper adds powerful communication effects for your brand. That feeling you get when you touch a piece of beautiful paper, the excitement you feel when you open a book for the first time, the smell as well as the visual delight- these can never be delivered by digital communication. I think the fact that paper, and print communication was sensually highlighted as part of the Design Indaba 2020 shows that the market is rediscovering the ‘POWER OF PAPER’ and how print brings paper to life,” she concludes.

One of the other takeaways from the Design Indaba is that consumers still have a real and vested interest in the printing industry, this is something printers can take to their clients to show that print communication is here to stay for generations to come.