IIJ has unique solutions for Security Printers

Exciting technology breakthroughs in 2019 create a new platform of security print solutions.

Breaking ground by introducing additional security features

The period from 2018 has been an important time for Industrial Inkjet Ltd (IIJ). The company broke new ground with its understanding of Konica Minolta print head technology and its adaption to the requirements of the security print market. By focusing not only on ink development with its security ink partner Luminescence, but also on an extensive program of print process development in conjunction with a number of major security printing companies,  IIJ are now able to create not only invisible security features using fluorescent inks, microtext and IR-absorbing print  but now also standard black print that changes colour under UV light.

Orange daylight with shade change Under UV light

Further work has now extended the capability to include full colour images printed with UV-fluorescent inks.

Incorporating this technology with IIJ’s range of compact inkjet print modules allows an economic way to apply multiple layers of fully variable security features to any document. IIJ’s skill in integrating the print modules into existing presses also allows the creation of “hybrid” security features using a combination of conventional and inkjet print.

The simple compact design and flexible software allows the printer the ability to immediately adapt to customer’s new security requirements without modification to the press or tooling costs.

Day light visible
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Passports, ID cards, visas, examination papers and tax stamps form only a small part of the range of applications that can be handled.

IIJ has been providing successful print solutions to the Security market for almost 10 years. We have an established reputation in this market. We are the “go-to” supplier where creativity, innovation and flexibility are needed.

Full print with RGB and standard invisible inks

As well as our technology and our inkjet product portfolio we have wide ranging project management skills and a proven track record of successfully driving complex security printing projects involving ink and process development, mechanical integration,  verification camera systems and bespoke software development for data-handling and reporting.

We listen to our customers and constantly develop new technology to meet our customers’ needs. We are happy to discuss any new requirement and always strive to give advice that we believe is in our customers best interest.


The Growth of a company.

How did we get here?

Starting a high-technology company takes innovation and vision. Founded by inkjet technical specialists the company’s goal has always been to turn inkjet technology into a practical, simple, reliable industrial solution.

Now 15 years old, the company has an installed base of over 440 production lines worldwide.

With over 50 staff – including a large proportion involved in R&D, product development and technical support – the company’s skills and experience make it one of the most capable teams in the inkjet industry.

IIJ works exclusively with Konica Minolta inkjet print heads and enjoys a close and mutually beneficial relationship with Konica Minolta.  To support our worldwide customer base, IIJ has a US sales and service office based in Denver, Colorado and has a South African base of operations, again including service support, that covers Middle East and Africa.

With over 50% of group sales in the Security market, IIJ is committed to this market and will continue to invest in both the technology and necessary product development.

Security printers can feel secure that in working with IIJ they will receive not just the latest security technology, but a robust, reliable and economical solution.

RGB with UV light