Konica Minolta South Africa assists legal firms in keeping their sensitive data protected

Few sectors deal with and handle as much confidential information within the business as law firms. Whether this information relates to their clients or their employees, law firms have the responsibility as well as the duty to take the necessary precautions and measures to protect the confidentiality of this information. If they fail to do so in accordance with the law, it could result in lawsuits, loss of business, and severe reputational damage to the law firm’s good name.

Within an office setting in particular, law firms need to be able to protect client information and case records, but cleared employees who need access to that data should still be able to access it with ease. That being said, when documents are being physically printed, what measures are you taking to prevent other people from collecting or accidentally taking your sensitive information?

‘Providing the tools for employees to be in a position to properly handle private and confidential information, is the responsibility of their employer. One of the best ways to maintain the integrity of sensitive information is secure printing software,’ says Mario De Carvalho, Solutions Specialist at Konica Minolta South Africa.

Secure printing software works in a simple but efficient manner as the person who originally generated the document for printing must identify themselves at the printer through a PIN, or some other form of identification, before the printing can even begin. This ensures that your private documents are always kept confidential and eliminates any possibility of your documents being shuffled or picked up by an unauthorised viewer.

When secure printing is installed and actively used, your documents will first get stored in a virtual print queue. Your print queue will usually be located on a secure server within your organisation. Once this has been set up, it’s all a matter of walking over to your multifunctional device (MFP – printer, copier, and scanner) and entering your credentials in order to retrieve your document.

‘When it comes to installing secure print on your MFP, it is about whether or not your preferred copier vendor offers that service.’