Securadoor launches The GAPP magnifying glass loupes – now available from Takealot and Makro Online

The GAPP, which covers the printing, packaging and signage industries in Southern, East and West Africa, is proud to announce its partnership with Securadoor, who has launched The GAPP licensed magnifying glass loupes to the South African market.

These portable and highly sophisticated magnifiers are an essential tool for printers, jewellers, coin and stamp collectors, hobbyists, rock collectors and can also detect discreet security markings on products.

There are currently two kinds of magnifiers available:

– A foldable 15x magnification loupe with a LED light

– A double lens, high powered 30x magnification loupe with a LED and UV light

Since its inception in 2000, Securadoor has successfully been innovating effective security solutions for South African home owners and ultimately, their loved ones. Utilising a blend of superior materials and cutting-edge manufacturing processes, its goods are manufactured meticulously, and culminate in security products that are easy to install, easy to use and ultimately, keep its users safe.

‘The GAPP has always placed the utmost value on innovation and “outside the box” thinking, while focusing on high quality products that are in a league of their own. We are thrilled that our venture has broadened The GAPP’s offering, while introducing the brand to new industries and individuals alike,’ said Vikesh Roopchand, Managing Director at Sentient Publishing and Publisher of The GAPP Magazine and The GAPP Contacts Directory.

‘Print is an invaluable communications medium, where precision – right down to colour – is of paramount importance to brands; we are excited to fill this niche by making high quality magnifiers with LED lighting readily available in South Africa,’ he continued. ‘The GAPP Awards, our prestigious biannual award for the printing, packaging and signage industries, convened its panel of judges for the 2018 Awards, where high quality magnifying loupes are a necessity for the judging process. Much to our surprise, we soon discovered that loupes with superior magnification are not readily available in South Africa and concluded that something needed to be done about it.

Thanks to Securadoor coming on board, when our panel of judges come together in November this year to meticulously scrutinise entries and determine who has reached “The Pinnacle of Excellence” for the 2022 Gala Event, we won’t have any problem supplying them a magnifying loupe of exceptional quality – so the timing couldn’t be any better, he added.

Vikesh says that aside from commercial printing and packaging businesses, other industries and individuals are able to make use of The GAPP magnifying loupes. ‘We are delighted to see The GAPP being introduced to many new companies, sectors of industries and homes. We are committed to innovate, grow The GAPP brand and endeavour to constantly find new ways to add value to the industries that we serve,’ he concluded.

Both magnifiers are supplied with a protective pouch and can be purchased from Takealot, Makro Online and directly from Securadoor at