Sun Chemical partners with GMG Color to provide digital-drawdown solution

Sun Chemical has partnered with GMG Color, an industry leader in colour management technology, to provide customers with a new digital drawdown solution for colour swatch production. GMG’s solution, GMG ColorCard, will now be available globally as part of the SunDigiProof service, available within Sun Chemical’s SunColorBox.

Creating colour swatches can be a manual and time-consuming process. Sun Chemical’s SunDigiProof Seine application provides a solution to replace this manual procedure, creating a digitally printed version of the same standard, with increased reliability and colour consistency. With the addition of the GMG ColorCard application, the SunDigiProof solution now offers even greater levels of flexibility and convenience.

The SunDigiProof solution is available to fit customers’ technical and price point requirements giving supply chain partners faster and more productive ways to work that reduce cost, drive innovation, and provide flexibility.

With GMG ColorCard, users can easily automate colour swatch production at Sun Chemical colour centers using global colour references for quicker turnaround of colour swatches. The software is highly intuitive, and can be operated by anyone, regardless of staff availability. This partnership also enables customers to print accurate digital drawdowns at their own locations, giving them the power to create colour swatches on demand and removing time, effort and shipping costs from the colour communication, matching and approval processes.

Commenting on the partnership, Marc Levine, Director of Business Development, GMG Color said: ‘For the packaging supply chain, punctual and precise colour communication is critical. We believe that GMG ColorCard is the next evolutionary step in communicating colour expectations quickly and accurately. Our partnership with Sun Chemical illustrates that digital drawdowns are the new best practice for colour communication. Through this partnership, Sun Chemical customers now have a faster, more accurate way to specify color and drive color success.’

Patrice Aurenty, Business Leader, Sun Chemical comments: ‘This partnership continues to build on our innovative set of tools within the SunColorBox. “By partnering with GMG Color, Sun Chemical now offers a best-in-class solution to help customers automate colour swatch production, communication, reduce lead times, improve colour consistency, and get to market faster.’