Mantequera “D. Sancho Melero” – an Extra Special and Sustainable Christmas Sweet Treat

In Spain, to think about Christmas is to think about “mantecados”; the sweet treats that brighten up this special holiday season. But not all mantecados are the same. Some of them are of supreme quality, flavour and tradition, like those of D. Sancho Melero.

The company, from Antequera (Malaga), has been producing products of excellence for more than seven decades. Thanks to this they are well-known throughout Spain and have become synonymous with high quality mantecados.

D. Sancho Melero is committed to its customers and continually strives for the best possible flavour. With this in mind, the company has launched an innovative and delicious new product; the first mantecados on the market to be made with butter. Made with 20% high-end butter, these sweets are produced in the company’s factory in Antequera, taking care of every detail to obtain the best result.  Traditional mantecados are made with pork lard, called “manteca” in Spanish, hence the name mantecados.

For the individual twist wrapped packs D. Sancho Melero wanted an attractive, high-quality and above all, sustainable product. The converter Artes Gráficas Estepa proposed a compostable metallised film: NatureFlex ™ 23NM from Futamura.

NatureFlex is a renewable and sustainable cellulose-based film. The film is printed with a striking black, white and gold design, which produces a particularly attractive and exclusive on shelf appeal.

NatureFlex films offer excellent twist wrap and inherent dead fold characteristics.  In addition, they are certified home compostable by TÜV Austria (OK Home Compost), therefore, the packaging can be eliminated with organic waste, turning into compost in less than 8 weeks in a home compost bin. NatureFlex also meets the standards required for industrial composting according to the European norm EN13432.

These eye-catching and delicious mantecados are available to buy at all good retailers throughout Spain.