Konica Minolta South Africa endorsed by KwaZulu Natal’s largest community newspaper group

The ebb and flow of digital innovation has transformed every industry and sector including the printing industry, with the onslaught of technological developments changing the way we work, collaborate, and communicate within the workplace as well as remotely.

Tabloid Media has been printing and publishing newspapers for the last 30 years as its core business. It is the largest independent community newspaper publishing group in the country based in KwaZulu-Natal with 15 weekly publications. It prints and distributes 530 000 community newspapers every week.

CEO and founder Rishaad Mahomed comments: ‘Covid-19 lockdown gave us an opportunity to reassess our business model. Then with the July 2021 unrest and looting in KwaZulu-Natal, we realised the need to create alternative revenue streams, and as a result of these two factors we then launched Tabloid Digital. This became a division dedicated to digital advertising and marketing with two new brands – Tabloid TV and Media Master.

‘Media Master is our commercial printing division. We acquired the first Konica Minolta AccurioPress C14000 in Africa to kick off this venture. It’s a high quality, high speed production digital printer that boasts technology and quality that far surpasses any other digital printer in the continent,’ explains Mahomed.

The Konica Minolta AccurioPress C14000 was selected because it has the following advantages:

– It enables a business to grow – Konica Minolta’s new system has extensive variety of supported media, from thin to thick paper (up to 450 g/m2), embossed paper, envelopes, as well as polyester and cut-sheet labels – to name but a few. It prints on long sheets of up to 1300 mm, or 900 mm in duplex.

– It boosts operational efficiency – It is designed to increase the uptime of press and to print more in less time. New features lets users produce more higher-value print products faster.

– It maximises the investment – Reduced the setup time drastically giving one maximum uptime and combines with various inline finishing capabilities.

– It improves the customer loyalty towards users – By automatically adjusting the print quality on the fly, it always produces exactly the quality customers expect and ensuring they come back time and again.

‘Konica Minolta South Africa have been extremely supportive with their guidance and support and had us up and running within three weeks of installation. The KwaZulu-Natal team have also been extremely helpful in introducing us to suppliers of finishing equipment and businesses that may require our services. Their customer service has given us the knowledge and confidence that we will be able to slowly but surely capture the digital printing market.

‘Litho printers and designers have been very extremely receptive to the quality and turnaround time we are able to offer which is also giving us a leading edge over all other digital printing outlets.

‘Tabloid TV is an online TV station which broadcasts in-studio infotainment on our YouTube and Facebook platforms to over 120 000 subscribers. Large screen advertising billboards are also part of this business model with the first 3.6m x 6m LED Digital billboard erected in November this year,’ concludes Mr Mahomed.

‘As a division of Bidvest Branded Products, we have more than 70 points of presence across the sub-continent, enabling us to implement our technology-powered, service-focused approach across Southern Africa. Konica Minolta looks forward to continuing to driving innovation in the printing industry and to creating value for our customers by proposing advanced insights and solutions to their business challenges,’ says Mohammed Vachiat, head of sales and innovation at Konica Minolta South Africa.