SinoCorrugated South 2022 to be part of the WEPACK event for the Packaging Industry

The recent increased focus on environmental protection and policy advancements, such as “waste bans” and “plastic bans”, has accelerated the green transformation in the packaging industry. In addition, the increased use of e-commerce platforms has led to an exponential growth in the national as well as personal consumption of packaging, leading to an elevated demand for the quality of corrugated boxes, printing refinements, and personalised box designs.

As a result, WEPACK (World Expo of Packaging Industry) is continuing its efforts to cover the entire packaging industry chain and research modern and improved ways to expand the market environmentally. On April 7-9, 2022, WEPACK will hold a 9-in-1 mega show at the Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center, which will provide visitors with a panoramic view of all the advancements that are currently taking place in the industry.

Comprehensive exhibitions

WEPACK has assimilated another member at the 2021 packaging series exhibitions. Now, it covers nine themed exhibitions, including SinoCorrugated South 2022, SinoFoldingCarton 2022, China Packaging Container Expo 2022, SinoPaper South, SinoFlexPack South 2022, DPrint South 2022, Intralogistics and Process Management Expo 2022, Asia Cold Storage & Refrigeration Warehouse Construction and Operation Exhibition (CSRW) 2022, and Food Pack & Tech 2022. The exhibition scale has continued with its expansion, while constantly enriching its exhibit categories.

Intelligent matching and targeted connections

Visitors to WEPACK include not only a large amount of corrugated box and packaging manufacturers, but also many well-known brand owners as well as industry connection resources made possible by various associations and the media. By participating in the exhibition, exhibitors can directly contact new potential buyers who have final purchase decision-making rights, understand the market demand and are able to seize the opportunity by responding quickly. Visitors can connect with more peers and expand into new business arenas, while meeting purchase demands, broadening revenue sources and cutting expenditure.

20 Years of exhibition

SinoCorrugated South 2022, being the largest entity with a long history of exhibitions, focuses on various equipment and solutions such as corrugating and ancillary equipment, converting and auxiliary equipment, plant facility equipment, corrugated box production management and processing software with detailed segmentation in each category—basically including all aspects of cardboard, corrugated production and reflecting the depth and specialisation of the exhibition.

With over 20 years of exhibition experience, SinoCorrugated South 2022 collaborates with eight other shows to present details of the state-of-the-art equipment and technology in all links of the industrial chain from production and processing to supply.

The 9-in-1 mega show will stretch over the whole packaging industry chain and WEPACK will build a solid platform for communication and commerce, so as to propel the collaborative development of global packaging enterprises. This is the 2022 mega-event of the global packaging industry chain that you cannot afford to miss.