BW Packaging Systems aligns Hema fillers with Synerlink

Two Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems companies based in France, Hema (in Quimper) and Synerlink (in Puiseux-Pontoise), have aligned to bring complementary rigid packaging solutions to the global food and beverage markets. Hema—which previously operated as a brand under Pneumatic Scale Angelus (PSA), another BW Packaging Systems division—will bring rotary filling solutions to Synerlink’s equipment portfolio.

‘By bringing Hema and Synerlink together, we can leverage our local talent and product lines to strengthen our position as a trusted partner and leader in rigid, eco-friendly packaging solutions for the food industry, offering a broader range of filling equipment, including both rotary and inline solutions,’ said François Truffier, Synerlink President. ‘Hema brings proven technology with a wide range of filling machines—for plastic, glass and metal containers—operating at speeds up to 40 000 containers per hour.’

In addition to its technology, Hema brings 80-plus years of experience in several key markets, including liquid dairy products, edible oils, sweetened products, canned meats and sauces, dressings and condiments, which will broaden Synerlink’s reach in these strategic segments. Over the years, Hema has installed more than 3 500 machines that fill bottles, jars and cans across 100 countries. Moving forward, Hema’s filling expertise will be leveraged to expand Synerlink’s offerings for existing food and beverage customers, and to deliver innovative and sustainable packaging solutions for the global food market.

‘Although Hema is now part of the Synerlink organisation, the Hema team will continue to work collaboratively with PSA’s thriving filling business and with each of our other divisions to continue our long-standing commitment to bringing integrated packaging solutions to our customers,’ said Carol O’Neill, Barry-Wehmiller Group President, Packaging. ‘In the coming months, expect further communication from our leadership team as this exciting collaboration continues to evolve and drive value for our customers through our wide range of filling capabilities.’

Hema originally joined the Barry-Wehmiller organisation in 2015 when it was acquired by PSA, a global leader in packaging machinery for liquid- and dry-filling, capping, can-seaming and labelling applications. Since then, Hema has operated under PSA, augmenting its filling capabilities, and allowing BW Packaging Systems to expand its presence as a global leader in filling and closing technology. Today, PSA continues its long history of developing innovative filling and seaming solutions from its Akron, Ohio, facility, and will continue to support its growing customer base with new equipment and aftermarket services. In addition, the division will maintain its support of the installed base of rotary filling machines for both Hema and PSA product lines.

‘Since 2015, when we had the pleasure of acquiring the Hema business, we’ve enjoyed the collaboration with our team members in Quimper, leveraging each other’s expertise to design and develop value-added solutions for our customers,’ said Bill Morgan, PSA President. ‘As we look to realign some of those capabilities with our sister division Synerlink, PSA remains focused on our foundational commitment to excellence and innovation in filling solutions. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with the Hema and Synerlink teams, leveraging our combined global talent to drive sustained growth and superior service for our customers.’

Synerlink creates world-class machines and services for cup-filling, bottle-filling and form-fill-seal rigid packaging solutions by bringing together some of the industry’s most trusted brands, including Aprium, Arcil, Dairy Pack, Dinieper, Ermi and, now, Hema. Synerlink is one of several Barry-Wehmiller companies represented in BW Packaging Systems, which brings together the collective packaging capabilities of Accraply, BW Flexible Systems, BW Integrated Systems, PSA and Synerlink.