Coding that keeps up with personal care trends

One of the major trends in the beauty and personal care sector is inclusivity. Consumers want to be recognised for what makes them different – rather than loyally following brands that treat everyone the same.

In some cases, inclusivity may mean streamlining the number of products on offer to make them accessible to more people while, conversely, it could mean increasing product ranges to reach a wider customer base.

According to Clare Hennigan, senior beauty and personal care analyst, at Mintel: ‘Beauty marketing is increasingly shifting from “aspirational” to “inspirational”. Successful brands recognise that demonstrating a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion – whether through employment, advertising and/or product development – helps drive inspiration and empowerment. Brands have the opportunity to make a real impact by integrating different types of beauty diversity in a way, and at a place and time, that is truly authentic to them. Brands that stand to win are the ones that are committed to diversity as an ongoing practice and genuinely listen to their audience to determine how those efforts are perceived.’

For manufacturers, the demand for diversity may result in increasing the average number of SKUs, which means managing more small-batch orders without compromising on quality control or production speed. It may also mean including packaging enhancements, such as braille, for consumers who are visually impaired.

Markem-Imaje’s SmartLase laser coders, locally available from Pyrotec PackMark, are reliable, easy to use and they produce high-quality codes at up to 150 000 products per hour. They can be integrated into your production line, connected to your plant management software and operated virtually maintenance-free without ink or other chemicals.

The SmartLase C150 and C350 laser coders are ideal for both intermittent and continuous lines. Thanks to patented Intelli’Arc technology, you can expect precise and perfect codes with quality that is on par with that of preprinted packaging. Perfectly straight lines and smooth arcs are achieved at speeds 30% faster than other lasers.

The SmartLase C-series can be configured with a wide variety of lenses, scan heads and laser sources to perfectly match your application requirements.

In already complex production environments, the SmartLase’s robust design and hassle-free maintenance ensure that your line will operate at 99.9% uptime, even in the most difficult manufacturing environments. The intuitive touch screen interface ensures hassle-free maintenance, reduced operator training and fewer errors, while the standard aiming diode drastically shortens changeover times – ideal for short-run production. It also expedites code adjustments and reduces waste.

The SmartLase coders improve your operating expenses, overall equipment effectiveness, and sustainability goals and metrics with industry-leading reliability of 99.9% line availability, and a 30% longer coder life – even without ink, consumables or other chemical components.