Ricoh and Quadient collaborate to boost PSP marketing services

Quadient, an international company, specialises in business process automation, customer experience management and mailing equipment. Its Inspire software creates communication templates for physical and digital channels from a single design interface. People can use it to build and share content and messages across multiple channels.

– The end-to-end process and granular object level tracking;

– Large scale campaign capabilities for sectors such as banking and utilities;

– High-end composition and templating for a range of output channels;

– Intelligent content targeting for the most engaging communication;

– Complex and visually appealing designs to capture interest;

– A range of omnichannel delivery methods to enhance engagement rates; and

– Reports and dashboards for tracking, and the responsive coordination of campaigns.

‘The software solutions combine to support PSPs and enterprises transforming into marketing services providers,’ says Clive Stringer, Director of Continuous Feed, High End Software, Ricoh Graphic Communications at Ricoh Europe. He adds, ‘This enables them to manage large scale complex campaigns. Working together RICOH ProcessDirector and Quadient Inspire provide a unified, end-to-end, integrated campaign approach for customer communications programmes of all sizes. Individualised data is collated accurately and presented in a visually pleasing way using responsive design. This ability to intelligently manage communications ensures the inclusion of relevant, interesting, and engaging content. Delivery via the preferred medium prompts greater interaction and response rates.’

Quadient Inspire is immediately available from Ricoh across EMEA.