Baldwin’s TexCoat G4 finishing system empowers unprecedented productivity and sustainability

Baldwin Technology Company Inc. has announced the installation of its state-of-the-art TexCoat G4 finishing system at Graniteville Specialty Fabrics, a recognised leader in the production of specialty coatings and coated fabrics. With Baldwin’s cost-efficient and highly sustainable spray finishing technology, Graniteville Specialty Fabrics has been able to increase production efficiency, and minimise chemical and water waste.

Based in Graniteville, South Carolina, Graniteville Specialty Fabrics produces coatings and coated fabrics that are resistant to water, fire, UV and weather for the military, marine and tent markets, and others. The company excels in developing and sourcing custom coatings, and creating specialised technical solutions to meet specific, and often unique, end-user requirements. The installation of Baldwin’s TexCoat G4 is part of a major facility upgrade to maximise production efficiency and capacity in the durable water-repellent finishing and coating line to meet growing customer demand for advanced engineered products.

With extensive sustainability benefits, unprecedented tracking and process control, and Industry 4.0 integration, the TexCoat G4 provides consistently high-quality fabric finishing, with no chemistry waste, as well as minimal water and energy consumption. This system utilises noncontact

precision-spray technology, ensuring precise finishing coverage with the exact amount of chemistry for reaching the optimal performance of the fabric. Changeovers (pad bath emptying, cleaning and refilling) are significantly reduced, resulting in substantial chemical conservation and increased productivity.

‘We are pleased to be a key partner in Graniteville Specialty Fabrics’ modernisation project,’ said Rick Stanford, Baldwin’s Vice President of Global Business Development, Textiles. ‘The team reached out to us, and it was clear that the TexCoat G4 was the right tool to help them minimise waste and increase productivity.’

Doug Johnson, Graniteville Specialty Fabrics’ Executive Vice President of Development and Technical Services, said the company needed to increase its productivity and sustainability, without sacrificing fabric quality and performance.

‘Anytime you change from a traditional process like padding, it is human nature to be a little skeptical,” said Johnson. “Baldwin organised production-scale trials for us at a nearby TexCoat-equipped factory. We took the finished fabric and scrutinised the look and feel, and performed

a battery of tests in our lab to American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists spray-rating and hydrostatic-head standards. The results were impressive. Moreover, when we commissioned our TexCoat, we duplicated and exceeded the fabric performance realised during the trials.’