Ghent Workgroup welcomes two new members

The Ghent Workgroup is delighted to welcome two new members – EngView Systems and the University of Ljubljana. Attracting new members from different sectors GWG continues to work towards global outreach and the setting of industry standards.

Product Manager at EngView, Valentin Vachkov said, ‘After participating in the last two meetings of the Ghent Workgroup, I was impressed with the level of expertise and the group’s commitment to working together to set industry standards. EngView Systems would like to be a part of that process, helping create and update the specifications for prepress and packaging. At EngView, we have been developing packaging design solutions for more than 20 years. We know we can bring a lot to the table. We have the expertise in packaging design workflow and we receive valuable feedback from our customers. For its part, Ghent Workgroup brings together a vast amount of knowledge from vendors, associations, printers, publishers and educational institutions. It is great that all these professionals are joining their efforts to drive the industry forward.’

Becoming a member of the Ghent Workgroup is an opportunity for EngView Systems to contribute to the development of packaging-related industry standards like PDF specifications and workflow automation. With the digitalisation of the print and packaging business, new niches and markets are opening up. EngView is staying ahead by developing innovative software solutions, both online and desktop to help industry professionals meet growing customer demand.

‘An important step forward for the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia is having the opportunity and access to talk directly to such a broad platform of users within the industry along with vendors’ representatives,’ stated Prof. Dr. Urška Vrabic Brodnjak. ‘Membership of the Ghent Workgroup and the use of GWG specifications is giving us and our students an opportunity to be completely up to date with progress in the field of graphic technology and is already helping to improve our educational approach. We believe it is vitally important for all educators to be aware of current developments and use that knowledge to influence and educate regarding standardisation in this field of industry.

‘From the recent GWG meeting in Amsterdam we saw the efficient communication and the results between the industry and vendors,’ continued the Professor. ‘As members, we will value being a part of GWG and the wider group of international users – among them also other educational partners. We will appreciate the benefit of having continuous information about progress in this field of graphic technology to pass on to our students. At the same time we will see the practical use and implementation of real examples.’

David Zwang, Chairman, Ghent Workgroup, concluded, ‘We are delighted to welcome EngView Systems and the University of Ljubljana as new members of GWG. As they both mention, membership of GWG provides the opportunity to be a part of a global community with the same goals – to create and use practical workflow tools that make daily production tasks easier and faster for all those engaged in file creation and management. Companies can help create and update the specifications for prepress and packaging while students and tutors at University can benefit from understanding the importance and benefits of global standards within the communication industries going forward. It is important for industry newcomers to receive exact instructions on the different prepress processes, especially in PDF creation, preflighting and production.’