Largest dairy producer in Norway launches FSC certified beverage cartons

TINE is the largest dairy producer and distributor in Norway. From January 2013, all of TINE’s beverage cartons will carry the FSC logo – meaning 550 million FSC certified cartons every year. As one of the largest consumers of cartons and packaging in Norway, the company now actively engages in the protection of the world’s forests by ensuring that it sources cartons made of fiber from responsible sources. TINE has a total of 1 300 different product lines, which are sold in about 1 billion consumer packages each year. TINE is one of Norway’s largest consumers of packaging, using about 29 000 tons annually, of which beverage cartons alone make up 14 000 tons. Bjørn Malm, head of corporate social responsibility at TINE, says: ”TINE has a responsibility that the resources we use in the company are optimized and responsibly sourced. Because we have chosen to use FSC certified cartons for our beverage products, all of TINE’s 550 million beverage packages are made of responsibly-sourced fiber, which is either FSC certified or from other controlled sources. This shows that social and environmental aspects of forestry have been taken into consideration”. A strong message according to WWF “Forests are habitat for many of the world’s animals and plant species, and at the same time a renewable resource and livelihood for humans. FSC certification requires that forests are managed in a way that protects both nature and people. Irresponsible forestry is among the largest threats against nature. Therefore when a large-scale consumer of wood fibres like TINE uses FSC certified cartons for beverages, it sends a strong message. TINE is leading the way in taking responsibility for protecting forests and the diversity of the nature, today and for the sake of future generations. We hope that TINE can contribute to an increased recognition of FSC in Norway, so that the conscious consumer will demand FSC when buying other wooden and paper products”, says Arild Skedsmo, functional manager at WWF Norway. Increased awareness of FSC Bjørn Malm says: “We know that consumers are becoming more and more conscious about sustainability and want companies to take responsibility throughout the supply chain – from the production of an ingredient to the final product in the store. Currently, FSC is not particularly well-known in Norway, but when we introduce FSC labelled cartons onto the Norwegian market we hope that it will contribute to an increased awareness of FSC. In time, we imagine that FSC certified packaging will be used for TINE’s other products”. In line with international trends Elopak and Tetra Pak also see that consumers all over the world have become more and more conscious of responsible forestry. These two packaging manufacturers have co-operated in signing an international agreement which aims to source only cartons made from certified wood fiber by 2015. “We are happy that TINE is following the international trend by choosing FSC certified cartons”, say Anita Winsnes, Elopak’s Director of Corporate Environment and Tom Bjøre, Tetra Pak’s Key Account Manager. As well as announcing the use of FSC certified cartons for all beverage products from January 2013, TINE has also become a member of FSC Denmark. Find more information regarding CERTIFICATION in SOUTH AFRICA and learn how SGS can help you exceed customer expectations, visit SGS IS THE WORLD’S LEADING INSPECTION, VERIFICATION, TESTING AND CERTIFICATION COMPANY. SGS SOUTH AFRICA: +27 11 680 3466 Or contact CHRISTOPHER JOURDAN  +27 82 888 0992. i) Article printed from the FSC Newsdesk –