Agfa Graphics presents state-of-the-art 2014 VIP Calendar

Some calendars are time managers. Others are much more than that. The combination of creative design, finishing and unique photography of Agfa Graphics’ 2014 VIP Calendar emphasise the calendar’s underlying message of the ‘Power of Print’ and make it appealing to people across the globe.

Agfa Graphics’ award-winning 2013 calendar based on the theme of ‘sustainability’ was so well received that Agfa Graphics decided to repeat the exercise. The company’s 2014 VIP Calendar again combines multiple prepress, printing and enhancement techniques. Every page is printed on a different substrate, using extraordinary inks such as metallic, gold or fluorescent, and special enhancement techniques such as embossing. The month of December deserves special mention as it is printed on textile with Agfa Graphics’ recently introduced Ardeco soft signage wide-format printer. The result is a stunning and trendy sample of the power of print.

The calendar is a compilation of the thirteen best images that were submitted for a photo contest, which ran among all Agfa Graphics employees. The winning images best represent the calendar’s theme of Connect/Create/Care, which summarises Agfa Graphics’ commitment to its customers.

‘Print is a medium that provides inspiration and motivation. It has a unique ability to communicate thoughts and ideas and stimulate conversations. Our 2014 Calendar is again an unparalleled showpiece of the power of print. The Connect/Create/Care theme summarises our commitment to our customers,’ said Tim Van den Bossche, Vice President Global Marketing Communications & Strategy

The 2014 VIP Calendar was produced using a variety of prepress and printing techniques. Among the Agfa Graphics technologies used in the printing process were Energy Elite Pro thermal printing plates, the Avalon CTP system, Apogee workflow, Sublima screening, Apogee InkSave and Synaps synthetic paper. The month of December was printed on A-Sign Display textile media with Agfa Graphics’ Ardeco wide-format soft signage inkjet printer.

Guido Maes of Printingdeluxe in Ghent, Belgium printed the calendars in co-operation with Mathilde Studios, Adrien Hendrickx Digital Imaging, Italian paper supplier Fedrigoni, and finishing company Wirebind.