Printing without tears

Buying print can be quite a daunting task. As with any technology-based business, an ordinary member of the public can be easily misled by jargon-spouting salesmen. That’s why the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA) has introduced the PRINTING SA Pledge. Most South African printers, around 800 of them, are members of Printing SA, the public face of PIFSA. Pat Lacy, CEO of PIFSA said, ‘Our members subscribe to a formal Pledge that commits them to integrity, fairness, responsibility, professionalism and sustainability in all their dealings. This ensures that customers get the highest levels of service and quality.’ The wording of the Pledge states that the printer will abide by Printing SA’s code of ethics and will act with integrity by being honest and open in all their dealings. They will practise fairness by providing good value for money and top quality. Responsibility will be demonstrated by meeting all statutory obligations to all stakeholders. Professionalism will be shown by maintaining the highest appropriate standards of technology and employee skills. Finally, sustainability will ensure the best possible financial, social and environmental performance of the business. Lacy added, ‘Often, the annual Pledge certificate is proudly positioned in a prominent place where customers are sure to see it and all employees are encouraged to be familiar with the requirements of the Pledge and to uphold and practise them. An annual audit will confirm members’ compliance with the articles of the Pledge. Should a dispute arise between a customer and the printer about service or quality levels, Printing SA will provide unbiased and expert arbitration.’ A radio and print media campaign has been developed to promote awareness of the Pledge and to encourage print customers to look for it as a sign they can trust. The intention is to inspire confidence in the customer and to build respect for the professionalism and ethical behaviour of the Printing SA member. The introduction of the Pledge is the latest initiative in Printing SA’s drive to raise the image and profile of the Printing SA members by giving their customers the peace of mind and security of knowing that they are dealing with reputable, professional printers whenever they see the Printing SA Pledge displayed.